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Previously best known for its motorbikes or soft off-roaders, Suzuki changed its image when it launched the Swift. Now, it’s on the up and up as a family car manufacturer.

Suzuki’s focus is affordability and a “go-anywhere” attitude. Their range, 11 models in total, includes a blend of compact cars, hatchbacks, and off-roaders. This makes Suzuki an excellent choice for first-time buyers and families.

The range offers a combination of economical engines, generous standard equipment, and efficient performance. They are reliable compared to many competitors in their class, with comparatively low repair costs.

Being affordable, many Suzuki models are particularly popular for young buyers; the Swift has been one of the most well-reviewed small cars on the market since its release.

The new Ignis provides an affordable entry to the crossover segment. The Vitara is also a great family SUV for its price. In short, there’s a Suzuki for almost any driver – especially those with one eye on the purse strings.

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