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“Vorsprung Durch Technik” has been Audi’s mantra since the 1980s. Translating as “advancement through technology,” Audi’s track record certainly strengthens that claim.

While their reputation did take a tumble during the Volkswagen emissions scandal (they share a production line), it’s now well on its way back up. And a drop in Audi’s ticket prices, along with their entry into the family car market has made them a far more common sight on UK roads over the past ten years.

From the nippy A1 hatchback to the chunky Q7 4×4, Audi has expanded exponentially on their traditional premium lines like the A3 and A4. And while they share much with sister models from VW, SEAT, and Skoda (eg chassis and engine), the higher quality trim and tech packages will be worth the extra to many buyers – along with the more prestigious badge.

All said and done, Audis hold their value well, and still enjoy a healthy reputation as manufacturers of well-designed, reliable cars.

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