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Japanese car manufacturers have a long-standing reputation for making reliable and dependable cars – and Honda is no different.

Honda are probably at their best when building family cars – like the practical Civic hatchback, or the spacious CR-V SUV-crossover. Even the supermini Jazz is spacious enough for a smaller family.

And Honda’s commitment to producing more eco-friendly cars means many of their models are now available as hybrids – including the Civic and the CR-V. While these models have a higher price tag than comparable rival models, you’ll still save on fuel costs and tax.

Honda’s focus is on innovation and quality, so their cars are solidly built, safe, and dependable. This means that second-hand prices can be relatively high – although arguably worth it for the quality and their ability to hold their value. The long term pay off is you’ll likely be able to sell your Honda at a price similar to what you paid for it.



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