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Introducing Abarth: The Essence of Italian Performance and Style. One of the key aspects that sets Abarth apart is their passion for customisation. With an array of design options, performance-enhancing components, and bespoke accessories, Abarth allows you to create a vehicle that truly reflects your personality and tastes. Our primary target customers are those who crave individuality, exclusivity, and unparalleled driving experiences.

Abarth, a prestigious Italian car manufacturer, has been exhilarating the hearts of automotive enthusiasts since 1949. Founded by the legendary Carlo Abarth, the company has grown from a small tuning firm into a renowned producer of high-performance vehicles, boasting the perfect blend of Italian style, craftsmanship, and performance. Abarth’s rich racing heritage, unique design elements, and dedication to delivering an unforgettable driving experience have made it a favorite among car aficionados worldwide.

As an Abarth owner, you become part of an exclusive community that values driving dynamics and a distinctive style.. With our legacy deeply rooted in motorsports, Abarth vehicles showcase an outstanding performance pedigree. Our Scorpion badge is a symbol of excellence, paying homage to our founder’s astrological sign and representing our unwavering commitment to deliver the ultimate driving machine.

Over the years, Abarth has earned a reputation for its nimble, agile, and powerful vehicles that excel on the racetrack as well as the city streets. THe Brand continues to honor our founder’s vision of creating a perfect harmony between performance and style. Discover the Abarth difference and join the community of automotive connoisseurs who embrace the thrill of driving a true Italian masterpiece.

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