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Quality. Luxury. Safety. That’s the balance that Volvo have refined to a tee for almost a century.

For Volvo, safety is particularly important – and it shows. Since 2009, every Volvo model tested by Euro NCAP has received a full five-star rating – without compromising on their famed build quality and emphasis on comfort and luxury.

In terms of price point, Volvo sits comfortably between mainstream brands and premium markets; so there may be more cost-effective options than the V40 for younger drivers or those looking for a “runabout.” But they make for an impressive family or executive car, performing well at high mileage and at motorway speeds. So do the V60, S60, and XC40.

Over the last few years, Volvo have been working hard to step away from conventional combustion engines and towards electric or hybrid powered cars. We may soon see a landmark range of electric and hybrid Volvos, thanks to the brand’s strong commitment to sustainability.

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