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With their quirky, daring designs, Renault bring a distinctly French “je ne sais quoi” to British roads.

Their primary focus is on the family car market, offering practically-sized-and-priced hatches, 4x4s, and saloons. And while Renaults rarely threaten to top the used car buying charts, they are still very popular second hand choices – particularly the compact Clio and the family-favourite Megane.

The Euro-giant now shares technology with Nissan and Mitsubishi – the effect of which may see future improvements in Renault’s driver satisfaction survey results.

The Zoe and Leaf models lead the small electric car market, and Renault offer more choice in SUVs and MPVs than most competitors. So if you’re looking for practicality with continental flair, you’ll find plenty of used Renaults priced in the middle of the market.

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