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The Ford Focus is a staple of modern motoring, renowned for being a reliable family car. Safe, comfortable and sturdy, this model is a top choice for many people, ticking all the boxes for style, driver experience, budget and much more.

Coming in a wide variety of trims and specifications, there is a Ford Focus for everyone; one to match your budget and your style preference.

If you are seeking a no-frills, no-fuss car to get you from A to B, this car is a superb entry-level choice. A model such as the Style or Zetec could be the ideal option for you. For the comfort and chic style of a classic Ford without all the unnecessary add-ons, the Ford Focus is a no brainer.

Looking to buy a used Ford Focus? Then you are in the right place. ChooseMyCar offer a variety of used models. Cheap to run and ideal for sheer comfort and convenience, the Focus has something to please every type of driver. With thousands of dealers around the country, our team at ChooseMyCar will match you with the perfect car finance deal for your Ford Focus, even if you have bad credit.


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Ford Motor Comapny is an international company is globally popular and known for its immense production line. As a consistently top-selling model, the Ford Focus is not just a fan favourite in the UK, but worldwide. Many would consider it the modern backbone of motoring Britain due to its reliable drive, vast choice and much more.

The Ford Focus has maintained its popularity since 1998 – that’s over 20 years of love for the Focus. There’s a reason for that. Along its journey, it’s won various awards and accolades and has become a statement of motoring today.

Brief History of the Ford Focus

The Focus was first released in July in 1998 in Europe, after the successful release of the Ford Escort.

Ford of Europe introduced the Focus to the European market as a replacement for the Escort. Problems soon arose with keeping the name ‘Escort’ due to German publishing company Hubert Burda Media having a publication named ‘Focus’. After an eleventh-hour dispute, the car was eventually launched with the name Focus. The dispute was all worth it though, as after this was resolved, the Focus hit the market to critical acclaim. The Focus MK1 was even awarded the 1999 European Car of the Year.

The first released Focus is still considered as one of the greatest motoring feats in history, being named one of the 50 greatest cars of the last 50 years by CAR Magazine.

After refreshing the models and releasing various generations of the critically acclaimed car, the models continued gaining praise for its safety credentials, fantastic handling, great performance and outstanding value for money.

The Focus today continues to endeavour to bring the epitome of power and technology, as well as progressing into engine efficiency; one of the reasons it remains the best selling car onto 2012.

Focus Electric is now paving the way from 2020 onwards into a greener future for the model and the entire Ford Motor Company.

Comfort, safety and innovation are the main factors of a Focus driver. Many people choose this model for its simple, fuss-free designs, however, the technology behind the car is a hidden treasure.

With a rich history spanning four generations, The Focus has been adapted and modified a lot over the years, however, it has remained one of the most popular choices on the market. Today, there are so many options you could say that the Focus is one of the most versatile models, fitting almost everyone’s preference.

For a sporty feel, you may want to opt for an ST-Line model. The sleek body kit and smooth suspension will give you a boosted driving experience. The Focus Active lines are great for those living in rural areas due to its SUV-Crossover style and a spacious, stylish interior.

The Titanium and Vignale lines provide a more high-spec and luxurious style, with leather interiors, automatic features, multimedia systems and much more. These models offer a more luxurious experience.

The Ford Focus makes the ideal car to buy used. As one of the best selling cars, you can be sure to receive only high-quality standards.

The Ford Focus is renowned for being a sturdy and reliable model, however, just as when buying a brand new car, it is equally important to check a used car to ensure you have no issues.

Whilst there are many misconceptions about purchasing used cars, it can save you lots of money and time. Cars are built to last for hundreds of thousands of miles, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice reliability and condition when it comes to used cars.

Check for any obvious signs of rust and wear or tear, both inside and out. Make sure all lights and electronics are working as well as any unusual noises.

Make sure you go through the service history to point out any obvious faults or problems.

The default Focus used choice is a 1.6 Zetec which has many perks, however, there was a lot of surface rust on models from the 2000’s so be extra vigilant. In new Focus diesels, there are particulate filter issues, which could mean an overdue visit to the service bay.

Be sure to choose a reputable and reliable dealer or supplier for your used car purchase. Choose someone willing to help you financially and will give you the best deal. If needs be, shop around to get the best finance deal on your used Ford Focus.

The marketplace for the Focus is busy. They are in high demand. Make a distinction between a well-cared-for used car and a tired-looking one.

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