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Affordable, stylish and fun to drive, could the Fiesta be the best all-round city car out there? You’d certainly have a job arguing otherwise. Find out why you need one in your life.

Fun, stylish and affordable – the three key elements of a brilliant small car. And the Fiesta is definitely a brilliant small car.

The fun comes from a zippy set of engines and a thrilling ST Line trim, giving hot-hatch thrills in a compact body. Mid-spec 3 cylinder turbo engines mix punchy throttle with very good fuel economy. Matching this is a quick-rack steering system and a rigid chassis, providing a very darty ride.

In short, the Fiesta out-handles most of its supermini competition, which is a big reason that they’ve sold so many since it first touched tarmac in the late 1970s.

It’s also a looker, especially after its 2015 refresh. It still looks recognisably like a Fiesta but lines were softened and the grill got more chrome, giving it a more elegant outline that warms the heart rather than stirring the pulse.

The refresh also brought some nice soft touch fabrics into the interior.

Talking of which, the driving position is about perfect but you don’t get vast space for passengers. Strictly two adults back there – but what do you expect for a small city car?

Infotainment can be a bit,.. Old school. We’re talking lots of buttons, here – which is either a good or bad thing, depending on your point of view. You can get touch screens but they
appeared later down the line and only on higher trims.

What you do get is extraordinary value, and this really is the Fiesta’s trump card. With thousands on the used market and solid reliability, you’re looking at cheap cars which will keep
you motoring for pennies.

If you don’t need the space to move a large family, this can be the perfect city commute.


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Ford trims have changed a little in recent years but on the used market you’ll generally be starting off with Studio as the base trim and heading up from there. Titanium and Titanium X are your top trims with all your toys. Studio and Zetec S only come with 3 doors, while the rest can be found with 5. Also, watch out for the ST Line trims with powerful hot hatch engines.

After 2017, trim options changed – ditching Studio entirely and adding in some complicated additional bits and bobs that we wont bore you with here.


Electric front windows, daytime running lights, CD radio and Hill start assist are standard but not much else. Studio really is pretty bare bones.


Remote Central Locking pops in, along with extra driving seat adjustment. Beyond that, however, changes are mainly cosmetic.


Leather starts to appear in the cabin. You get more chrome on the outside and alloy wheels, to boot. Heated windscreens and bluetooth phone connectivity start here.


Alloys get bigger (16 inches). LED daytime running lights and headlights start to appear too. Power folding mirrors, a Sony-provided stereo with DAB is nice and full climate control too.

The Fiesta – you know what it is. You know what it looks like. You probably know what they’re like to drive.

It’s small, flighty, practical and reliable. Millions have been sold and there are tens of thousands out there on the used market, making them a vastly affordable supermini for small families and new drivers.

Brief History of the Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta first hit the road way back in 1976 and has been a top seller in the UK ever since. Ford have since sold 16 million of the things across the planet – though surprisingly few of them in their home market of the USA, where they weren’t sold until 2008 and, later, stopped again, as Ford exited the small car market in America.

The Fiesta was the UKs best selling supermini for many years but has recently fallen out of the top 10 sales charts as buyers move to bigger vehicles.

There’s very little not to like about the Fiesta. They’re reliable, relatively well specced and dirt cheap, especially on the used market. They’re also one of the better superminis to drive, especially in the ST Line trims.

Need to save on fuel, head for an ecoboost engine and you’ll get north of 60mpg too.

Higher trim models will hold onto their value better, making them potentially better value over the length of your finance. ST Line trims, especially, are pretty sought after.

Reliability on Fiestas is pretty high so that won’t impact things but the sheer volume of these on the used market will mean that depreciation can be on the high side. But if you’re buying to drive it, monthlies should be cheap.

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Some clutches have issues with their hydraulic elements but this is a simple fix. Early 2000s units had steering problems but these were largely caught in a recall and you shouldn’t find these on the used market.

Most Fiestas are in groups 3-7 so are very cheap to insure. Safety is high and they’re pretty reliable so insurers tend to look favourably on them.

Fiesta’s are pretty well known for their longevity. Treat one well and you should sail past 200,000 miles without having a major part fail.

The Fiesta is an ideal first car – it’s reliable, it’s not too racy, it’s cheap and easy to fix. If you’re a new driver, this should definitely be on your list.

Fiestas can come with tanks that carry 12.4 gallons of fuel. This should give a full – to – empty mileage of just over 550 miles, depending on the age and condition of the vehicle, and how you drive it.

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