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As one of the smallest models in the SEAT range, the SEAT Mii packs a big punch. This compact city car is perfect for zipping around town, whether you’re running errands or looking for a convenient parking spot.

One of the Mii’s key strengths is its efficiency. With its small but punchy engine, the Mii can achieve impressive fuel economy and keep your running costs low. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre through narrow city streets and find parking in tight spots.

Despite its small size, the Mii doesn’t skimp on features. The interior is surprisingly spacious, with plenty of head and legroom for passengers. The infotainment system is easy to use, and you can connect your smartphone to play your favourite tunes or take hands-free calls on the go. Plus, the Mii offers advanced safety features like lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking, so you can drive with confidence.

Overall, the SEAT Mii is a smart choice for anyone who wants an efficient, practical, and stylish city car.