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The Mercedes-Benz EQA is Merc’s smallest electric SUV. Based on the GLA crossover, it’s a compact, comfortable, luxury electric car with all the classy quality you expect from Mercedes-Benz.

If you like the commanding driving position and practicality of a crossover SUV but you don’t need vast acreages of space, this is the Merc to choose. With a smaller footprint, it’s much better for town driving. And, of course, it has that three pointed star on its blanked-off grille so you’ll be driving around at the absolute height of luxury.

Interior materials are immaculate and sumptuous, with chrome vents and cream leathers the order of the day. Infotainment is also tip-top, with a brilliant voice assistant leading the charge and a pair of zippy, high resolution screens giving you full access to anything you need. Include some gorgeous, and highly customisable, interior lighting and you have a wonderful place to while away the miles. Good things really do come in small packages.


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All EQA models have the same battery – a 66.5KWh unit that’ll take the car around 230 miles between charges. Beyond that, you get to change up the motors with the lowest spec car coming in with a single motor and two higher-trim variants bringing all wheel drive to the party.

Once you’ve chosen your drivetrain, it’s a matter of options and specs. And, of course, you can choose an AMG version, for extra power and tech.

Mercedes-Benz EQA Progressive

The Progressive trim comes with the standard features you’d expect from any car: air conditioning, power windows and locks, cruise control and more. It also has an upgraded audio system with satellite radio capabilities. The most affordable trim, the Progressive, comes standard with a panoramic sunroof, LED headlights and taillights and a 7-inch infotainment screen.

Mercedes-Benz EQA AMG Line

The AMG Line trim adds a sportier feel to your EQA by giving you a firmer suspension and more aggressive styling inside and out. If you want to go fast, this is the trim for you. It comes standard with 18-inch wheels (19s are optional), sports seats and exhaust tips. This trim also has a 2.0-litre engine that produces 258 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque along with 21-inch wheels and a unique front grille design.

Mercedes-Benz EQA 4MATIC

The 4MATIC model gives you all-wheel drive capability for those who prefer it over front-wheel drive models. This trim is all about safety—it comes with automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and blind spot monitoring. You also get heated seats. This trim also comes with the chance to add all-wheel drive capability.

A small SUV Crossover, the EQA is a more manageable, yet no less sporty, family car for those who appreciate a touch of luxury in their driving.

The EQA’s design is sporty, with a sloping roofline and sleek rear end. The interior is also designed with driver comfort in mind—it comes equipped with a leather-trimmed steering wheel and seats, as well as a host of modern amenities like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless charging, and an infotainment system.

Brief History of the Mercedes Benz EQA

The Mercedes-Benz EQA was launched in 2020. The car was developed by Daimler AG and its subsidiary, Mercedes-Benz Cars, along with the RenaultNissan Alliance. It is the first vehicle to be part of Daimler’s new “EQ” sub-brand, which focuses on electric vehicles. The EQA is available for sale in Europe and other markets around the world, including Australia.

The Mercedes-Benz EQA is a smart car with a range of around 230 miles, meaning you can drive longer distances without having to stop and charge up. It’s comfortable and spacious, with enough room for five people and their luggage. Its cutting-edge technology means it can do everything from parking itself in the garage to reading your text messages aloud through voice recognition software. It comes with Mercedes’ renowned customer service, which provides 24/7 roadside assistance.

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The battery charges faster when it’s in the range of 20-80%, however, the speed of charging depends on many factors. The type of charger you use can impact the charging process; for example, a 50kW public charger will take around 50 minutes to charge your car, while a charger of 150KW+ can do the job in less than 30.

You just have to locate the charging port under the flap on the rear panel of the car. It’s very similar to locating the fuel cap of petrol or diesel car. You then use a charging cable to connect to the power source.

It’s roughly the size of a small family SUV.

An electric car can be a lot cheaper than a diesel or petrol car. Plus, if you can plug the car in at home, it’s more convenient than having to drive to a petrol station to fill up. Finally, it’s also a lot more environmentally friendly and a greener way of driving.

You can, however, it’s healthier for the battery if you don’t overcharge the car, so keep it within the 20-80% range.

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