Why 2024 is a Great Time to Secure Car Finance


When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, the financial aspect is often the most crucial consideration for many buyers. With 2024 offering a myriad of car finance options, understanding each one in detail can help you make an informed decision. Let’s delve deeper into the types of car finance available and why 2024 might be the perfect time to finance your next car.

Types of Car Finance Explained

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  1. Hire Purchase (HP):

    How it works:

    • With HP, you pay an initial deposit, usually around 10% of the car’s value, followed by fixed monthly payments over an agreed period, typically between 12 to 60 months.
    • The monthly payments cover the depreciation and interest, and once the final payment is made, the car becomes yours.

    Who it suits:

    • HP is ideal for those who want eventual ownership of the car without a large upfront cost.
    • It’s a straightforward option, making budgeting easier as you know exactly how much you need to pay each month.
    • HP is particularly suitable for individuals who plan to keep the car for the long term and want to avoid mileage restrictions.
  2. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP):

    How it works:

    • PCP involves lower monthly payments compared to HP as you’re only paying off the car’s depreciation.
    • You pay an initial deposit, followed by fixed monthly payments over an agreed term, typically between 24 to 48 months.
    • At the end of the agreement, you have three options: buy the car outright by paying a balloon payment (also known as the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value), return the car with nothing more to pay (subject to mileage and condition restrictions), or part-exchange the car for a new one and start a new agreement.

    Who it suits:

    • PCP is ideal for those who enjoy changing cars frequently and want lower monthly payments.
    • It offers flexibility and options at the end of the agreement, giving you the freedom to choose what suits you best.
    • PCP is popular among individuals who like driving newer models without committing to ownership and are comfortable with mileage restrictions.
  3. Personal Loan:

    How it works:

    • A personal loan involves borrowing a fixed amount from a bank or lender, which you repay with interest over an agreed term, typically between 12 to 84 months.
    • Unlike HP or PCP, a personal loan is not tied to the car, giving you the flexibility to shop around and negotiate the best deal.

    Who it suits:

    • Personal loans are suitable for those who want flexibility in choosing a car, as you’re not limited to a specific dealer or make/model.
    • If you have a strong credit history, you may qualify for lower interest rates, making a personal loan a cost-effective option.
    • Personal loans are also ideal for individuals who prefer outright ownership of the car from the start and want to avoid mileage restrictions.
  4. Leasing:

    How it works:

    • Leasing involves paying a monthly fee to use a car for an agreed period, typically between 24 to 48 months, after which you return the car.
    • Unlike HP or PCP, there’s no option to buy the car at the end of the lease, unless you negotiate a separate deal with the leasing company.
    • Leasing agreements often include maintenance and servicing, making budgeting easier.

    Who it suits:

    • Leasing is ideal for those who prefer driving new cars every few years without the hassle of ownership or worrying about depreciation.
    • If you’re not interested in owning a car and want to avoid the risks associated with depreciation, leasing offers a hassle-free alternative.
    • Leasing can also be tax-efficient for business owners, as monthly payments are usually tax-deductible.

Why 2024 is the Perfect Time

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  1. Competitive Interest Rates:

    • Interest rates remain relatively low, making borrowing more affordable than in previous years.
    • With low rates, you can finance a car at a lower cost, saving you money in the long run.
  2. Innovative Financing Offers:
    • Dealerships and lenders are offering attractive deals and promotions, such as 0% APR or cashback offers, to entice customers.
    • These offers provide added value and can make financing a car even more affordable.
  3. Economic Stability:
    • With the economy showing signs of recovery, lenders are more confident in lending to consumers.
    • Economic stability means lower risk for lenders, which can result in better loan terms and higher approval rates for borrowers.
  4. Technological Advancements:
    • Modern cars come equipped with advanced safety features, better fuel efficiency, and smart technology.
    • Financing a car now means you can enjoy these benefits sooner, enhancing your driving experience.

Great Cars to Finance in the UK for 2024

2024 Volkswagen Golf - Redesigned Exterior View

Ford Fiesta:

A perennial favourite among UK drivers, the Fiesta offers excellent value for money, fuel efficiency, and a range of features making it perfect for city driving.

With various trims and engine options available, there’s a Fiesta to suit every budget and preference.

Recommended Age – 3-5 Years

Mileage Range – 10,000 – 75,000

Expected Cost at 10k Miles – £24,999

Expected Cost at 75k Miles – £6,499

Volkswagen Golf:

Known for its solid build quality and premium feel, the Golf remains a top choice for those seeking a versatile and reliable hatchback.

The Golf offers a refined driving experience, with a range of engines and trims to choose from, including the eco-friendly e-Golf electric model.

Recommended Age – 3-5 Years

Mileage Range – 10,000 – 75,000

Expected Cost at 10k Miles – £38,995

Expected Cost at 75k Miles – £8,499

Nissan Qashqai:

As a popular SUV choice, the Qashqai offers a spacious interior, modern design, and advanced safety features, making it ideal for families.

With efficient engines and a comfortable ride, the Qashqai combines practicality with style, making it a great all-round choice.

Recommended Age – 3-5 Years

Mileage Range – 10,000 – 75,000

Expected Cost at 10k Miles – £32,995

Expected Cost at 75k Miles – £8,995

BMW 3 Series:

For those looking for a blend of performance and luxury, the 3 Series offers a rewarding driving experience with its powerful engines and sophisticated interior.

The 3 Series is available in various trims, including the sporty M Sport and the efficient 330e plug-in hybrid, catering to a wide range of preferences.

Recommended Age – 3-5 Years

Mileage Range – 10,000 – 75,000

Expected Cost at 10k Miles – £46,999

Expected Cost at 75k Miles – £9,999


In conclusion, 2024 presents a fantastic opportunity to secure car finance with a variety of options tailored to different needs and preferences. Whether you prefer ownership with HP, flexibility with PCP, the convenience of a personal loan, or the hassle-free experience of leasing, there’s a finance option that’s right for you. With competitive interest rates, innovative financing offers, economic stability, and a wide range of great cars available, there’s never been a better time to drive away in your dream car!

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