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There’s a Volkswagen Golf sold somewhere in the world every 41 seconds. Think about that for a moment. This isn’t new; it’s been true since the 1970s.


Because, like most Volkswagens, the Golf is one of those cars that just works. It does everything you need it to do.

It might not be the “best in class” in every area but it’s reliably good in all of them – so good, in fact, that over 35 Million Golfs have been sold since it first hit showrooms in 1974.

Perfectly sized for a small family, engaging to drive, fantastically bolted together and slim enough to hoik down the smallest country lane, there’s just so much to love about the Golf.

Whether you’re looking for a fuel sipping hyper-miler or a fun and furious GTI, the Golf has all the bases covered. The Engines are refined, the interiors punch well above their price bracket and, with so many on the second hand market, a used Golf can be an absolute bargain. You can even find brilliant Electric and Plug In Hybrid options.

The e-Golf fully electric has more grunt when you press the go pedal and will take you between 100 and 115 miles on a charge. Not comfy with that? The GTE backs up 30 all-electric miles with a petrol engine that’ll go more than 400.

All in all, the Golf is,… a Golf. Solid, reliable and terrific fun to drive, it’s about as good as an all-round family car can be.


Starting out with the S and SE models and shooting up through the famous GTi and the fantastic GTE, the Golf keeps its naming scheme simple and its quality high. It might start off
without much – the Life only coming with steel rims in a world of alloys but you soon start seeing all the toys and gizmos you love.

Go petrol and many swear by the GTi but the most powerful option is actually the plug-in hybrid GTE – a fantastic option with nearly 30 miles of all-electric range and rock-bottom running costs. All while keeping the same sporty dynamics we all love.

Golf S

An 8 inch touch screen and air conditioning come as standard, along with bluetooth, DAB radio and all electric windows. Not bad for a base car. You have to settle for steel rims, though. That said, the interior – especially the one in Mk7 models – is pleasantly high quality from the off.

Golf SE

Front fog lights pop in here, as does rear privacy glass. You also get some lovely 17 inch alloys.

Golf GTI

Here’s where the more powerful engines start to spring up, along with some very fetching red accents inside and out. You also get larger alloys and more flair on the bodywork.

Golf GTE

Trim wise, the GTE comes fully loaded with everything you’ll ever need – including a Lithium Ion battery under the boot. Not only is it as powerful at the R, it loses none of the playfulness of the GTi, despite being heavier. And if you drive further than its electric range, one button push on a motorway and the engine starts to recharge the battery, ready for silent running in town.

Golf R

The most powerful and fully-loaded of all Golfs, there’s nothing you won’t find in an R. Leather covers just about everything and you get unique design elements in the upholstery. You also get the most powerful motors of the entire range, for sprightly highway overtaking. Safely, of course.

“Just buy a golf”. The unofficial slogan of VWs classic family hatch could not fit it better. Everyone knows what it is, everyone knows what it can do. It’s a solid, fantastically built, perfectly weighted family car that just gets everything right. Well, up to its 7th generation, that is.

Few cars in its class drive as well as the Golf, making it an entertaining ride for driver and passenger, all while taking school runs and daily commutes in its stride. It’s the all-round, no- nonsense car we all love.

Brief History of the Volkswagen Golf

First hitting the roads in 1974, the VW Golf was one of Volkswagen’s first front-wheel drive cars. Indeed, up to the launch of the Golf, most cars had a rear wheel bias. The Golf pioneered power to the front axel and the world never looked back.

It sold well from the very start, building on the immense popularity of the Beetle it largely replaced. But sales didn’t really kick into overdrive until the launch of the GTi in ‘76 – a car that came to define the 1980s and is still the go-to hot hatch.

More recently, VW have introduced electric versions in the e-Gold and GTE. Both keep the familiar Golf DNA with a foot firmly in the future. Slightly more controversial, however, has been the interior of the Mk8 Golf, which some have argued doesn’t have the ergonomics quite on- point.

Like a well worn pair of trainers, there’s nothing to surprise you in a Golf but by god are they great to wear. The familiarity of the Golf is the key to its success: it drives like it should, it sits like it should, it changes gear like it should. It’s a car that volkswagen’s engineers got right from the very start and never dipped in quality.

It’s also among the most efficient cars you can buy, with an average of 50mpg – and over 100mpg on the plug in GTE.

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It’s one of those rare cars that just gets everything right. Reliably, pleasantly right. That’s not to say it’s the best at everything – a Focus RS might be a better hot hatch and a Skoda Octavia might be bigger inside – but as an overall package it just,… works. Beautifully.

We’d suggest that the GTi, the GTE or the e-Golf are your best choices, depending on whether you have off street parking or not. For that, you get great handling and plenty of power. Go electric and you’ll save a fortune on fuel too.

Not really. Compared to their SEAT or Skoda cousins, VW cars tend to be a bit nicer on the inside but a Rolls Royce this is not. The nicest interior of the lot comes in the Mk7 though things tend to go backwards a little in the Mk8.

No. Spares are very easy to come by on the used market, though official spares from VW can be on the pricier side. That said, 3rd party options are very affordable and Golfs are generally very reliable – so you shouldn’t need to do much work on yours.

Not only do Golf’s last really well – with many 100-150,000 mile cars still out there on the road, but because so many have been sold, spares are plentiful. That said, official Volkswagen servicing and repairs can be a tad more expensive than the competition.

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