Car Finance Guides

What car can I afford to buy?

When looking for a new or used car it’s important to work out what car you can afford to buy. While your goal may be to get behind something sporty and fast, you may be better off getting something that has lower monthly repayments and cheaper running costs. Our guide will help you work out your budget and estimate running costs for your car.

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Can I Sell a Car with Outstanding Finance?

People wanting to sell their car, to either make a little money or shop around for something new, is not at all unusual. It’s also not uncommon for people with outstanding car finance to want to sell up or change cars. The potential difficulty you may have in selling a car with outstanding finance can, in part, depend on the type of car finance deal you have.

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Why have I been refused for car finance?

While we work hard to get the best car finance deal for everyone who applies, there are a number of reasons why you may be declined for car finance. Unfortunately this is something that can’t always be avoided. We’ve gone over the reasons you may be declined car finance below.

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How to raise your credit score for car finance

Building a strong credit score, or credit rating, isn’t just useful for applying for car finance. It's useful a whole host of things, but primarily affects your ability to borrow money. In this guide we’ll go over what a credit score is, what having a good one means and how you can improve your credit rating.

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