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The Insignia sets out to make long-distance business and family travel as comfortable and effortless as possible. If you want to stretch your legs without the luxury-car pricetag, come and see what we have in store.

If you’re looking for a super comfortable motorway cruiser for business and family use, an executive saloon ticks all the right boxes. And no executive saloon ticks quite as many of those boxes for less cash than the brilliant Vauxhall Insignia.

Built to rival touring car saloons and estates from Mercedes and Ford, the Insignia was wildly successful when it hit the market, being outsold only by the BMW 3 series.

A new striking design for the second generation Insignia put it front and centre once again, with sweeping curves giving it a timeless, expensive look that business drivers fell in love with.

17-inch alloys, touchscreen, smartphone mirroring and Vauxhall’s concierge services all popped up in its lifetime, making it one of the best equipped cars in its class.

You also got a fantastic range of Petrol and Diesel engines – quiet and refined while sipping fuel like a hummingbird. The 1.5L petrol engine provided quality performance for urban and motorway driving. Diesel engines varied from a 1.6L to a 2.0L and offer excellent range and responsiveness.

With thousands now available on the used market, Insignias are tremendous value for money. For a businessperson with a family – one who’s not a fan of hulking great SUVs – the Insignia is a brilliant choice for not much cash.


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With Design, Design Nav, SRi, SRi Nav, SRi VX-Line Nav, Tech Line Nav and Elite Nav trims all available, Vauxhalls head-spinning naming system strikes again. Best to just work up the list and expect more goodies as you go along.


For a “Base” spec, the Design trim comes remarkably well equipped, with LED running lights, Cruise Control, DAB Radio, Climate Control and electric mirrors. Not bad at all.

SRi. Also known as SE

Electric rear windows and alloys pop in here. You can spec in a sat nav system. Depending on the model year, you can also find automatic lights and a dimming rear view mirror.

Tech Line Nav

Automatic wipers and lights come as standard from this trim up. Nice 17 inch alloys too.

Elite Nav

Front and rear parking sensors and reverse cameras appear in the Elite spec. Automatic high beams, too.

The Insignia is Vauxhall’s executive sedan and shooting brake combo. Built for comfort when you’re driving long-distance, these continue to be extremely popular with leasing companies and as company cars. If you want luxury levels of comfort and a remarkably big boot without a luxury price tag, this is the car to deliver it.

Brief History of the Vauxhall Insignia

Released in 2008 as a replacement to the Vectra and a challenge to more up-market business sedans from Mercedes and Jaguar, the Insignia was a push into new territory for Vauxhall. It went onto receive a slew of facelifts and improvements, winning more than 50 awards so far in its lifetime.

Rumour has it that the next iteration will be a hybrid SUV.

Comfort and space. The Insignia is designed to provide a comfortable ride on long journeys. It’s made to be a cruiser rather than a sports car – big, gentle and relaxing.

It’s also got a very generous interior for its class, with a very good boot and tonnes of back seat space. As a family car / executive mile-muncher, not much touches it at this price range.

Much of the original cash value of an Insignia over 3 years old will have slipped away, meaning that they’re priced very well in the segment. On a PCP or lease, however, this higher depreciation could push monthlies up a tiny bit so it’s swings and roundabouts: slightly higher monthlies with a tiny balloon payment or buying on a cheap HP agreement.

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Clutch issues do occasionally pop up in older models, with an uncomfortable judder at times. Check to see if the power steering has been checked in its lifetime – an occasional problem for Insignias.

No. The Insignia may not sell as well as it’s mid noughties heyday but it’s still being made. It may be that the next version looks a lot different, however, with an SUV option on the horizon.

Insignias come with Front Wheel Drive as standard.

While badged with the Vauxhall Griffon, the Insignia is actually produced at Opel’s Adam Open AG Werk plant in Russelsheim, Germany. SAIC-GM still produce a version in China, though you’ll not find those on UK streets.

Common rail Diesel Turbo Injection – a clever engine and fuel system developed by Vauxhall/Opel to save on fuel without sacrificing power.

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