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The best selling car in the world… once. Why (and why do you need one in your life)? The
answer may surprise you…

The Vauxhall Corsa – take a short walk and you’re almost certain to pass one on the street. A
few people reading this will have passed their tests in one. Hands up everyone who’s at least
sat in one.

We all know what a Corsa looks like because it was once the best selling car on the planet.
Millions currently zoom around the UK.

But why? And why should you buy one today?

Because it isn’t honest.

Buy a Corsa and you get a car that gets you from A to B comfortably and cheaply. That’s all it
needs to do and it’s very good at it. Sure, you don’t get the sporty ride of a Fiesta or the interior
space of a Honda Jazz but the Corsa is honest about what it wants to be: a car for your day to

Everything inside feels solid and well thought out. Materials are practical without feeling cheap
and everything is where you expect it to be. Later models introduced colour touchscreens and
LED headlights as standard.

You get plenty of options and toys thrown in for gratis – especially in newer models based on
Stelantis’ shared Peugeot 208 platform. Bluetooth phone connection? You’ve got it. Power wing
mirrors? Step right in.

A very respectable 42Mpg will get you where you’re going without remortgaging your house and
there’s even a full-electric version that’ll do the job for next to nothing.

Sure, there’s nothing tremendously exciting about the Corsa (unless you mod it to high heaven,
as many people do.) The magic of the thing is that it doesn’t try to be.

The Corsa just… is. And if you want one, we have a fantastic selection to choose from.


At Glance Vauxhall Corsa Review

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  • Performance
  • Interior
  • Practicality
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The model lineups on a Corsa are confusing, to say the least. The car has been on sale for a long while and trims have come and gone.
In 2018 these trims were taken down to Active, Design, Energy, Griffin, Sport, SRi Nav, SRi VX-Line Nav Black and SE Nav which, frankly, is still a bit of a long and silly list.

To simplify matters, we say: start at “Design” and work up to “SRi”.

Oh, and there’s a brilliant electric version on 2020 models.


You get a lot of kit in most base (“Active”) Corsas. This includes DRLs, Bluetooth, remote central locking, and usb phone connectivity and electric side mirrors.


One that you might come across that was initially designed for business leasing, this comes with many of the higher trim goodies, like air conditioning. What it doesn’t come with are alloy wheels. For those, you’ll have to step up the line.


16 inch alloys, auto headlights and wipers, heated seats and DAB radio can all be found here. You’ll also get a touchscreen.


The sporty choice. Plump for this one and you’ll get sportier styling and seating plus a useful split-fold rear bench. The sportiness isn’t just cosmetic, either: these are the most powerful versions. No heated seats and steering wheels, however.

The Corsa is a cheap and cheerful supermini – easy to run, easy to modify and you won’t be lacking in the essentials. In fact, one advantage of Vauxhalls city car is that it comes pretty well equipped Vs. the competition. Just… don’t expect it to wow you.

The Corsa’s unique selling point is its value. You get a lot of toys, a decent car and you don’t spend very much to do it. Even the Electric version is among the cheapest electric cars on the market.

Brief History of the Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa has been zipping through city streets since 1982. Within a decade it was the biggest selling car on the planet, with production in 4 different continents for sale under 5 different brands.

Not bad for an unassuming little hatchback.

Now in its 6th generation, the Corsa is now built on the same platform as the Peugeot 208 and can be bought, for the very first time, with a full electric drivetrain that’ll take you over 200 miles between charges.

If you need a cheap and cheerful runabout for urban commuting, this is your car. It’s also the ideal first car for a new driver.

You’ll also struggle to come across a better value electric car for the price, with very generous initial discounts percolating down into the used market. At 210 miles to a charge for not much cash, you’ll be quids in.

A Corsa won’t cost much with or without finance – there are so many around. Higher spec, newer units will depreciate less so monthlies may be lower than you expect. The Electric version may have surprisingly low monthlies, as that’s the one that’ll still be worth a lot in 3 years time.

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The Corsa is a workhouse car. While it might not be the most stylish, the best riding, the fastest or the most fun, it’s reliably good in all areas, without costing a fortune to buy or run.

Some 2008/9 models had a problem with the handbrake popping out of joint. This was identified early and rectified with a recall. Older gearboxes – especially the automatics – were a little less reliable than some other brands, too.  Get this checked before buying your car.

Yes. Ride quality is high, though the less powerful engines can jar your ears and send rattles into the cabin. Go for a more reliably powerful motor – or, indeed, the electric version – for the smoothest ride.

The Corsa is a cheap car to buy new and an even cheaper car to buy used. Value wise, there aren’t a huge number of cars to beat it. It’s also the perfect size for city commuting and one of the few cars its size with petrol and electric powertrains.

No. Electric cars need neither of these parts as they don’t have an engine or a need to cool the motor.

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