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Meet the Model 3’s big sister – an immensely practical, high-tech electric SUV with all the toys. All of them. All wheel drive is standard, as is autopilot so safety is a given. It’ll hit 60 miles an hour like a supercar, too.

Tesla’s Model Y is the final entry in the company’s “S3XY” electric car lineup. Longer, larger and more practical than the Model 3, it’s their cheap (ish) and zippy mid size SUV.

Where the 3 has a sedan boot, the Y steps up into a full hatchback, with one of the biggest luggage compartments in its class.

Everything about the Y is impressive. Legroom in the back is more than ample. Headroom too. You get a huge glass roof, superb visibility and a minimalist interior that would make the
designers at IKEA drool. Where most SUVs are pedestrian, the Model Y is an event.

No wonder it hit the top of UK sales charts on its second month on sale.

And then you have the power on tap when you plant your right foot, which verges on the ridiculous. Near 3 seconds in an SUV. Near to 4 for the slow one. The slow one!

With that power and the weight of the thing, there is a bit of a trade off in ride comfort, which can be a bit spiky. Firmer springs are great for winding through back lanes but perhaps a little jarring for family van duties around town. It’s not a deal breaker but there are plusher-riding EV family vans out there.

What you can’t argue with, however, is the value. Go back a few years and nothing like this would be on the road under £140k. The Model Y starts at less than half that.

That’s still a pretty penny, and will remain so on the used market for a while, but you’re getting supercar speed, the best infotainment in a car, autopilot, acres of interior space and the most advanced electric drivetrain out there.

Drive one and you’ll want one.


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Tesla don’t do trims. They barely do options. You’ll find long range and performance variants in different colours with or without full self driving. It’s about as simple as you can get.

Long Range

Says exactly what it means. All wheel drive but with a slightly less powerful rear motor and fuse, this is the one that’ll take you further. But it’s still fast! 0-60 in 4.8 seconds is hardly sloth-speed.


If 4.8 seconds to breaking the single lane speed limit isn’t fast enough for you, this will take 3.5. In a mid-size SUV. Just calculate that in your head for a moment. Extras include the Full Self Driving pack (autopilot is standard for both), wheels, paint and tow hitch. And that’s it.

Tesla’s smaller, cheaper SUV, the Model Y is a jacked-up, puffed out Model 3. In fact, it shares 70%+ of parts with its younger sibling. Which means it’s nearly as fast, can go nearly as far but has masses more space.

The one big advantage that it has over the Model 3 is a full hatchback with a much bigger boot. At 751litres, it’s positively cavernous back there: perfect for dogs, kit and even sleeping in, if you drop the back seats.

Brief History of the Tesla Model Y

Nobody really saw this one coming. The Model Y was released to slightly muted fanfare (by Tesla standards) in 2019, answering the prayers of Model 3 drivers who needed more space and a hatchback rear end. Within a year of launch, it had become Tesla’s best selling car.

Finally making it to UK shores in 2022, it immediately made an impact by topping the monthly sales charts in March. This made it not just the best selling EV on sale but the best selling car.

Enough space for any size of pet or pooch plus a dedicated “Dog Mode” to keep them at a safe temperature in the car if you need to leave them for a few minutes on a sunny day.

Space, space, space – at 751litres, it’s not just got a big boot for an EV, it’s got one of the biggest boots in its class – by quite a stretch.

You still get all the fun gadgets and and tech from the Model 3, including arcade games, “fart mode” and all manner of other ways to while away your time while charging. Or annoy your better half.

The Model Y is a very recent car so residuals are likely to be through the roof – which is very good if you’re buying on a PCP or leasing. Warranty will still be fresh too, which will reassure your lender. Up front prices are likely to be high for a while, though.

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It’s a fast, roomy and immensely practical Electric SUV. With a minimalist interior and all the gadgets you could possibly ask for, it’s the future of family transport.

Teslas have been around for a long time now, with the Model S now more than 10 years young. They’ve proven to be very reliable with drivetrains and chassis, with minimal degradation to battery health. They should last just as long as any other car.

Yes, Autopilot comes as standard on a Tesla Model Y. You’ll need to pay more for Full Self Driving, however.

No. And please, please don’t try. Autopilot is a Driver Assist system. You MUST remain attentive and ready to take over at all times.

Yes. All Tesla Model Ys come with the hardware needed for Full Self Driving, as and when the software and regulation allows them. It’ll cost a little to do, however.

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