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Tesla’s luxury SUV – a big, clever, ridiculously fast people-hauler. It looks like nothing else, it drives like nothing else and, well,… look at the doors. If you’re looking for a tech-heavy, uber- practical electric SUV and you don’t mind gathering crowds when you let your kids out the back, the Model X is the car for you.

Based on the same platform as the smaller Model S, the Model X took all that Tesla had learned from their premium sedan and put it in a bigger, showier and more practical shell.

Available in 5, 6 and 7 seat configurations, the X certainly has the edge on practicality. Our personal favourite setup is the 6 seat version, which leaves a pass-through into the back. It’s worth noting that this version can’t fold the middle row, however.

The rear seats fold flat to give acres of boot space when they’re not needed. If you need any more just hop around to the front of the car for extra storage under the nose. Also under the nose is a surgical-quality air filtering system, dubbed “Bio-defense Mode” (it’s even activated using a Biohazard symbol in the infotainment screen) – perfect for inner city

The gadgets and gizmos don’t end there, however. Walk up to the car with the key in your pocket and the driver’s door opens up for you. Press the brake and the door closes on its own. You also get Tesla’s famed “Autopilot” semi-autonomous system as standard across the ranges, with cameras all around the vehicle to keep you in your lane on motorways.

Want to get in the back? Just push a button and,…. Okay, we’re going to have to talk about the doors.

The Model X has a set of double-hinged, electrically operated “Falcon Wing” doors which rise upwards to let you into the back. Sensors all around them stop them from cracking into other cars or low ceilings, and the middle hinge means they can actually open in tighter spaces than regular cars.

They’re nuts. Silly and over-engineered but concentrating on the doors misses the point of the car: it’s a fast, clever, spacious and fun family van that costs peanuts to fuel.

It’s the ultimate family van.


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The Model X is a large, electric luxury SUV with up to seven seats and an absolute shedload of storage, space, and tech.

With a middle row that can be both a traditional bench or a set of sci-fi floating pods (depending on the spec) and “Falcon Wing” doors that open upwards to protect you from the elements, it’s one of the most unusual cars on sale. And one of the coolest family vans ever made.

Brief History of the Tesla Model X

Once the Model S had been released in 2012, everyone expected Tesla to move straight onto a more affordable sedan (later to be the Model 3). It was a surprise when they unwrapped a
hulking, luxury SUV instead.

Deliveries started in 2015, with about 30% of its underpinnings shared with its Model S sister. It was an instant hit.

Revisions came thick and fast, with upgrades to its autopilot system, doors and air suspension keeping the car fresh and improving reliability. To this day, it remains the most practical, and fastest, 7 seat electric SUV on sale.

Apart from being a show-off party piece, the Falcon Wing doors are hugely practical, allowing you to squeeze inside with virtually no space between you and whatever you’ve parked next to. For getting people in and out, they’re unbeatable.

There are few other 7 seat SUVs on sale that’ll slam you to 60 as fast as a Model X. Hop into Ludicrous mode and put grins on the faces of 6 passengers at once!

The level of tech in this car remains unbeaten to this day. Walk to the front door, it opens for you. Foot on the brake, it closes. Play Sonic on your homescreen, make fart sounds with your indicator and drive your car in and out of spaces,… from outside the vehicle.

There were a few early issues with motors and the fancy doors so check that any early faults were replaced under warranty. Many UK Model Xs will still be warrantied so repairs should still be covered, which could help with your finance offer.

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Yes it is. As a bigger and more complicated car than the Model S, brand new Model Xs start at around £20k more than an S, which is reflected in their used price too.

While there have been very highly publicised issues with trim and fitment, the underlying mechanics of Teslas have proven to be very resilient. Slight issues with brakes freezing due to underuse aside, there’s little to wrong under there – and very little has.

Barring accident, there’s no reason that Teslas shouldn’t last far longer than 10 years. There are early Model Xs still on the road with nearly a million miles on the clock, having been run hard as taxis.

No. Tesla’s use no oil to manage their drivetrains as the twin electric motors don’t wear as much as the thousands of parts of an internal combustion engine. The motors do contain lubricant but it’s sealed in there for the duration of the car.

Best practice for any Electric Car is to keep it above 20% charge and below 80% most of the time – this is best for the battery. Charging every night is not advised unless you limit the charge to 80%. You can charge them to 100% for long journeys.

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