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Lexus was once known for producing cars that were excellent quality, but somewhat…dull. But that’s all in the past. Now, Lexus is proving dramatics, efficiency, and luxury aren’t just German qualities.

A luxury off-shoot of Toyota, Lexus has placed its emphasis on premium design and cutting-edge technology. It’s why almost all of its 11-car range is now hybrid-powered, making the brand an authority on the technology. This immediately tells you that Lexus vehicles are economical and environmentally conscious.

The CT, NX, IS, and RX are all ridiculously reliable and come fully loaded with technology. That’s helped consistently put Lexus at the top of customer satisfaction charts. With such a broad range of vehicles – from family hatchbacks and small SUVs to saloons and large SUVs – Lexus offers attractive options in just about every market.

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