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Born in Britain, Jaguar has produced premium cars for over 80 years. A brand enjoyed by the likes of the royal family, you’ll experience a sense of luxury like no other.

From the compact SUV E-Pace to the executive-style XF, you can be sure to find a Jaguar that suits your lifestyle. Jaguar released an all-electric car in 2018, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed; scooping the World Car of The Year Award in 2019, the I-Pace proves to be a cut above the rest.

Often scoring fairly low in the reliability ranks, Jaguar’s reputation of luxury over longevity can be a sticking point for drivers. If you need a model that’s guaranteed to last, something more practical could be a better bet.

However, if you’re after a car that promises to turn heads, a Jaguar won’t let you down. Whether you’re after a sleek saloon or a sporty SUV, Jaguar is the perfect brand to make a statement.

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