Used BMW 4-series For Sale

So how do you take something as popular as the 4 door BMW 3 Series and make it more exciting? Well, the answer that BMW came up with was to take off two of the doors, give it a lower roof at the rear and a slightly broader frame to make the magic that is the BMW 4 Series.

This doesn’t necessarily sound like it adds up to an improved driving experience, but there’s something about the BMW 4 Series that makes it a wonderfully exciting car to drive. Add to that the range of engines available, the flashy style of the bodywork and the comfortable leather seats upfront and you’ve got yourself an excellent car in the BMW 4 Series.

With the second generation of the BMW 4 Series launching in 2020 now’s a great time to find a used BMW 4 Series for sale, as people may soon be upgrading to the newer model. Plus the first generation cars have aged remarkably well over the years since their release, making them an excellent option to buy used.

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Used BMW 4-series On Finance

BMW 4-series trim options

As previously mentioned, when the BMW 4 Series first went to market it had a selection of trims available. These included the SE, Modern, Sport, Luxury and M Sport. With that refresh in 2017, they cut everything but the Sport and M Sport.

The engines are where a lot of the chances are made to the BMW 4 Series. It’s available with the 420i, 430i and 440i petrol engines. The 420i and 430i are both turbo-charged 2l engines. The 420i offers a bhp of 181 and the 430i offers 248bhp. The 440i is a much beefier petrol engine, with 3l and 321bhp. Some older used models may have the 435i engine, although this was retired from the 4 Series in 2016.

The BMW 4 Series diesel engines are incredibly popular, with the 420d, 430d and 435d. The 420d is the most popular engine for the BMW 4 Series. It has 181bhp and its carbon emissions are stated as 124g/km of CO2.


The BMW 4 Series Sport is the entry level trim, and the stuff that comes as standard is excellent. This includes 18inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, parking sensors and dual-chrome exhausts, and that’s just the outside. Inside the BMW 4 Series there’s all sorts of tech as standard, like BMW’s excellent infotainment system and dual-zone climate control, all finished off with luxury leather and heated front seats.

M Sport

The BM4 4 Series M Sport is the next step up on the rung. It was the most expensive when the 4 Series had more levels of trims, so you can likely imagine the quality it’s adding to an already excellent car. The M Sport really leans on the ‘sport’ part of its name. With a sportier body kit and sports suspension added to a number of other touches.

About BMW 4-series

The BMW 4 Series was born in 2013 as BMW looked to join the similarly style-forward ranks of some of their competitor’s models, like the Audi A5, among others. This focus on style has led to a flashier car than the BMW 3 Series, and has been an incredible success for BMW.

With just two trim levels, to match the number of doors on the car, there aren’t too many choices to make in terms of looks and features, but there’s a whole range of engines to choose from, each changing the nature of the car in their own unique way.

When the BMW 4 Series first got released it came in 5 different trims. This was updated in 2017 so they now only have 2 trims available for new buyers. Keep an eye out for some of the other trims if you’re looking for a used BMW 4 Series though, as they may crop up from time to time.

Brief History of the BMW 4-series

The BMW 4 Series has a short history, only coming into being in 2013. It was originally the successor to the coupe and convertible models of the BMW 3 Series, which was then in its fifth generation. It was created to enter BMW into the style-focused bracket that was currently being occupied by the Audi A5 and the Mercedes-Benz C Class.

On release the BMW 4 Series was available in 5 different trims, but in 2017 they cut this down to focus on 2. At the same time, they gave the 4 Series a few stylistic tweaks as well as some minor changes to the specifications.

The second generation of the BMW 4 series is releasing in 2020, but the cars from the first generation have aged remarkably well.

Why Buy a Used BMW 4-series?

So what is it that makes the BMW 4 Series such a great car to drive? Surely if it’s just a slightly different version of a BMW 3 Series there’s not much difference between the driving experience of that and the 4 Series? Well, that couldn’t be more wrong.

The driving experience of the BMW 4 Series is what really sets it apart from its rivals in this style-first sector. The BMW 4 Series rear-wheel-drive and responsive steering place it head and shoulders above both the Audi A5 and Mercedes-Benz C Class, making it the must drive in this bracket of cars.

With that in mind, the availability of engines offering a great combination of BHP and low carbon emissions is not to be sniffed at. With strong petrol options and incredibly popular diesel engines available, each offering their own unique flavour to the BMW 4 Series driving experience. More on that later.

The heated leather seats up front and climate control offer excellent levels of comfort, although the back’s a little less roomy, especially with the low decline on the roof.

What Should I Look for When Financing a BMW 4-series?

When buying any used car there are a number of things you should look out for. Always check the exteriors for any signs of rust or damage, as you don’t want to be paying to get it fixed straight away. Also, make sure you take it for a test drive and listen out for any odd sounds or watch for anything unusual inside the car.

The BMW 4 Series’ suspension is something to keep an eye on. Look for any marks or damage on the car that could signal significant use that may affect the suspension. When doing a test drive watch out for a drag to one side or the other or if the suspension is making any unusual noises.

Used BMW 4-series Finance

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