Honda Civic Type R vs Ford Focus RS – Which is Better?


When it comes to the realm of high-performance hatchbacks, the Honda Civic Type R and the Ford Focus RS stand tall as titans in their class. Each embodies a unique blend of power, handling, and design, making the choice between them a tough call for enthusiasts seeking the ultimate driving experience.

Blue Ford Focus RS parked on a road

Design and Aesthetics

The Civic Type R and the Focus RS display divergent design philosophies. The Type R opts for an aggressive, aerodynamic exterior with sharp lines and an oversized rear wing that screams performance. In contrast, the Focus RS maintains a slightly more subdued appearance, albeit with a distinctive flair marked by its prominent grille, muscular wheel arches, and a dual-wing rear spoiler. A lot of people really enjoy the aesthetic of the spoiler on these particular Honda models.

Inside the cabins, both cars offer a sporty yet functional layout. The Type R’s cockpit exudes a more futuristic feel, complete with bolstered racing seats and a driver-centric console. Meanwhile, the Focus RS boasts a driver-oriented interior, featuring supportive Recaro seats and a comprehensive infotainment system.

Performance and Power

Under the hood, these hatchbacks unleash impressive power. The Honda Civic Type R harnesses a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, generating around 306 horsepower sent to the front wheels. Its renowned agility owes much to a finely-tuned suspension setup and a limited-slip front differential that aids in cornering prowess.

On the other hand, the Ford Focus RS packs a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, churning out approximately 350 horsepower directed to all four wheels through an advanced all-wheel-drive system. This setup grants the Focus RS exceptional grip and acceleration, catapulting it from 0 to 60 mph in a hair-raising time. If you’re looking for your next used car, ford offer some exceptional options, especially for petrolheads.

Driving Dynamics

Honda Civic Type R on city street

The driving experience between these vehicles diverges significantly. The Civic Type R delivers an engaging and nimble ride, excelling in tight corners and offering precise steering feedback. Its front-wheel-drive setup, while potent, might occasionally induce torque steer, a characteristic trait in high-powered front-wheel-drive vehicles.

In contrast, the Focus RS thrives on its all-wheel-drive system, ensuring immense traction and stability even on challenging road surfaces. Its ability to tackle corners with tenacity while delivering a composed ride makes it an exhilarating choice for those seeking a blend of performance and versatility.

Technology and Features

Both cars come equipped with a range of modern tech features. The Civic Type R boasts a user-friendly infotainment system, smartphone integration, and a suite of driver-assistance technologies. Meanwhile, the Focus RS offers similar amenities with its own infotainment system, including advanced connectivity options and a plethora of customizable settings for performance tracking.

Practicality and Everyday Use

While these vehicles excel in performance, their practicality varies. The Civic Type R maintains a more accessible and efficient fuel economy, making it a relatively more economical choice for daily commutes. Its rear seats and cargo space also offer decent room for a hatchback of its class, catering to practical needs.

On the other hand, the Focus RS, while slightly less fuel-efficient, compensates with a roomier interior and slightly larger cargo capacity. Its all-wheel-drive system enhances its versatility, making it a viable option for various driving conditions.


Choosing between the Honda Civic Type R and the Ford Focus RS ultimately boils down to individual preferences. The Type R captivates with its razor-sharp handling and futuristic design, excelling in spirited drives and offering a blend of performance and practicality. Meanwhile, the Focus RS impresses with its powerful engine, all-wheel-drive prowess, and a slightly more spacious interior.

Enthusiasts seeking an agile, front-wheel-drive powerhouse might lean towards the Civic Type R, while those craving all-weather performance and a bit more interior space could sway towards the Focus RS. Regardless of choice, both these vehicles continue to set benchmarks in the world of high-performance hatchbacks, providing enthusiasts with thrilling rides and driving experiences to cherish.

In the end, it’s not merely a battle between two cars; it’s a clash of philosophies, where the driver’s priorities dictate the victor in this adrenaline-fueled duel.

Choose My Car compare all sorts of cars, ranging from luxury SUV’s to small hatchbacks. When we say this was a close one, we mean it! Both of these vehicles have great 0-60 times, amazing comfort, stylish design and are both relatively low with maintenance costs. However, we have to hand it to the Honda Civic Type R. This car is a dream to drive and handles everything from corners to the straights very well. The RS is quicker though, so if that’s what you have in mind, then you might want to consider that.

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