Used Renault Zoe For Sale

The Renault Zoe is a small electric hatchback with five doors, perfect for commuters and families.

The first Renault Zoe was unveiled in 2012 as a small electric minicar that was perfect for getting around towns and cities. Since then there have been many iterations of the Renault Zoe, and three jumps up in battery size, and remains one of the most popular electric models on the market.

The most recent Renault Zoe (ZE 50) can cover up to 230 miles on a full charge and costs less to buy than many electric cars on the market. Earlier ZE 40 models topped out at around 184 miles of range, with the very earliest (often badged simply as ZE) topping out at 100 miles, though these left the market in 2015.

With its small size and speedy charging, the Zoe is ideal for the morning commute or the afternoon school run. They’re nippy, comfortable and very well equipped for their class.

The Zoe takes around 3 hours to reach full charge on a public 22kW charger, but many ZE 50 models use rapid 50kW CCS charging points, which can get the Zoe to 80% charge in around an hour. Charging at home using a standard 7kW charger takes around eight hours to reach full charge, making the Zoe perfect for overnight charging.

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Used Renault Zoe On Finance

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Renault Zoe trim options

It’s possible to find used Renault Zoe models ranging from the older Renault Zoe ZE right up to the latest ZE 50 models. When you’re buying used electric cars, more recent models may have higher charging capacities and increased efficiency, which is why many buyers choose to look at more contemporary models of used Renault Zoe cars.

Older models were often sold with battery lease deals, where you owned the car but Renault owned the batteries. This brought the up-front cost way down but did mean an additional monthly expense. Many, if not most, of these lease deals have been bought out – and Renault no longer offer battery leasing – but you might still come across units with leased batteries and you’ll still need to maintain that lease or buy it out from Renault’s finance arm, RCI.

Renault Zoe Equilibre

The Renault Zoe 2022 lineup comes in three trim options, with the Equilibre being the most affordable trim available. This model offers safety features including four airbags, cruise control, and AEBS, as well as excellent comfort features such as manual AC and a keyless card with approach unlock. The Equilibre’s MIMI system also includes four speakers, regenerative braking, and an Automatic Parking Brake.

Renault Zoe Evolution

The Renault Zoe Evolution offers everything that the Equilibre offers as well as Traffic Sign Recognition and rear parking sensors to increase safety and automatic air conditioning for added comfort. The MIMI system also includes an A-IVI 7″ NAV with overspeed prevention, and the trim’s design includes 16″ diamond cut alloy wheels and recycled fabric upholstery.

Renault Zoe Iconic

The Renault Zoe Iconic is the top-level trim in the 2022 Zoe line up and it offers everything included in the other two trims as well as added safety features such as a Blind Spot Warning system and an Automatic High Low Beam detection system. Parking is made easier with hands-free parking, and rear USB sockets and power windows make the Iconic the most comfortable Renault Zoe model.

About Renault Zoe

Launched in 2012 as the Renault Zoe ZE, the Renault Zoe has been one of the most popular affordable electric cars on the market for nearly a decade. It was one of the first electric cars to launch for commuters and parents looking for a simple, low-cost electric vehicle and today used Renault Zoe models are extremely popular.

Early Renault Zoe models offered a range of 62 to 93 miles on a full charge, though this was upgraded to 149-184 miles in 2015. Since then, Renault has worked hard to increase the range of the Zoe to make it a suitable option even for longer journeys, with the most recent ZE 50 models capable of up to 230 miles in the summer.

Brief History of the Renault Zoe

The first Renault Zoe ZE was released in France in 2012, coming to the UK a year later in the summer of 2013. Original buyers had to purchase the Zoe and rent an electric battery alongside the car, but since 2015 Zoes have come with a battery pack included. Since the first Renault Zoe, the range of this mini electric car has increased from around 60 miles to 230 miles at full charge, demonstrating just how far EV technology has come over the past decade.

With the ZE 50 model, the Zoe underwent a full revamp on the inside, with more soft touch plastics, new infotainment and a generally plusher feel throughout.

Why Buy a Used Renault Zoe?

The Renault Zoe is a small, efficient electric car for buyers who want to maximise energy savings in the long run without paying a huge price tag today. It’s a small car that’s perfect for commuting and short journeys but it’s equally capable of long-distance trips when the need arises. With fast charging options available and comfy interiors, the Renault Zoe can get you from A to B at minimal cost and maximum value.

Renault Zoe 5 most frequently asked questions

The Renault Zoe offers a surprisingly spacious interior for such a small car, with lots of leg room even for taller drivers and passengers. The car’s interior is comfortable but noticeably budget, with some trim options offering buyers the option of upgrading to interiors made from recycled materials.

In 2013 the Renault Zoe scored the highest rating of 5 stars in its Euro NCAP safety test, but in 2021 the car scored 0 stars, making it one of only three cars in the history of the test to score this low. Renault addressed the rating by highlighting how the test parameters had changed since the first test, but the lower rating is likely to put some buyers off.

The rating mainly came down to a reduced side curtain airbag and the radar collision avoidance being optional rather than standard.

Each new Renault Zoe comes with a warranty of 5 years or 100000 miles.

All new and recent Renault Zoes are capable of charging at 22kW speeds out of the box, but it’s also possible to upgrade to 50kW rapid charging if you’re planning on taking a lot of long-distance trips.

The Renault Zoe offers 338 litres of boot space with the seats up or 1,225 litres of boot space with the rear seats down. This is smaller than some competitors but still provides ample space for short journeys and day trips.

What Should I Look for When Financing a Renault Zoe?

More recent Renault Zoe models may carry higher prices compared to older models, but they’re also less likely to depreciate very quickly as buyers look for electric vehicles capable of travelling long distances. PCP arrangements may be better suited for recent, higher-end Renault Zoes, and financing is usually more affordable for recent models with high-reliability ratings. Older cars may be cheaper but might not last you as long, so it’s always important to factor in the cost of selling later.

Used Renault Zoe Finance

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