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Quirky and charming – two words which sum up the Nissan Juke perfectly. Nissan’s super-popular compact SUV brings fun back into bossing the school run, while its commanding seating position gives you a commanding view of everyone drooling as you pass by.

Style: you either have it or you don’t, and there’s no doubt that the Juke has plenty to spare.

Nissan’s first entry into the world of compact crossover SUVs, the Juke is a quirky-looking high-rider with sweeping haunches and rounded corners. It’s almost a nod back to cars of the 20s and 30s when bumpers rode high over wheels and curves swept through every line.

All in all, it’s just fun – not in a garish way. It has character.

But the Juke’s charms are more than skin deep.

With a huge windscreen and a well controlled chassis, it’s also decent fun to drive, though blindspots are apparent whenever your turn your head.

It’s also remarkably economical for a car its size, with upwards of 40mpg possible if you know what you’re doing.

Where the Juke falls down a bit is with interior space. While fine in the front, the passenger space is eaten up by its sloping roof, meaning three adults across the bench is a no-no. Boot space is also a little on the low side, compared to rivals.

But none of this should take aways from the charm of the thing – a charm that’s sold hundreds of thousands of the things in the last decade.

If you’ve a small family and you want to travel in something with a touch of flair, the Juke is the
place to start.


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Nissan’s usual spread of models pops up when you’re looking for a Juke: Visia, Acenta, N-Connecta, Tekna and Nismo RS. As ever, the higher the spec, the more goodies you get, with monochrome screens turning to full colour touch screens and more and more safety kit added into the mix. N-Connecta and Tekna trims come with the highest options.


Engine choices are fewer at the base spec Visia but you will find electric mirrors, a CD player, alloy wheels and air con.


Step up a level and you can add in Bluetooth, cruise control and 17 inch alloys. You’ll also find more leather about the place.


This is where you’ll find the colour touch screen (with Android and Apple connectivity) popping up. Sat Nav and DAB radio also make an appearance, as well as a reversing camera and automatic headlights.


Full-bodied Tekna specs drop in heated leather seats and a full safety suite that’ll check your blindspots on all sides before you do something you’ll later regret.

Nismo RS

The biggest engine meets the most aggressive styling in this zippy hot hatch variant.

Smaller than a Qashqai but chunkier than an average family hatch, the Juke was among the first sub-compact crossovers to go on sale in the UK. Mixing a commanding driving position with high haunches and style to spare, it’s been a constant fixture at the top of UK sales charts for over a decade.

Want an SUV feel that you can park in tiny UK spaces? The Juke is the car for you.

Brief History of the Nissan Juke

First released in 2011, the Juke was an instant best-seller around the world. With a name that means “to dance” (as in jukebox), the Juke was designed to be fun and quirky from the start.

It was refreshed with a newer version based on the same underpinnings of the Renault Captur and Clio, giving it more “carlike” ride and handling, along with a more practical interior.

One word: Style.

Not as “challenging” as some of Toyota’s offerings, nor as conservative as something from Vauxhall or Renault, the Juke is a lovely looking thing. It’s also surprisingly good to drive. It’s also pretty frugal with its fuel, even without a hybrid option.

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The Jukes CVT gearbox has been known to cause a few headaches. Not all models come with it but keep an eye out. Some reports suggest finicky Turbos too. All in all, however, the Juke is no more or less reliable than other cars out there.

Depreciation of brand new Jukes can be fairly steep but it usually tailed off after the first year. This is good news for the used market, however, as the biggest hit has already passed.

So many Jukes have now been sold that spares are abundant, so repairs shouldn’t cost too much.

Most Jukes are front wheel drive but some do come with an all wheel drive system, activated by a button on the dash. It doesn’t make the car a dedicated offroader but it can help on slippery roads.

The Juke is spacious enough for front passengers but a bit more cramped in the rear, vs. the competition. The ride is generally well composed, however, though wind noise and a bouncy ride can tarnish things a bit.

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