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MINI Electric retains the same values as standard MINI models which make them fun and classy drives. The electric vehicle offers premium performance levels and fresh paint options. It’s packed full of innovative technology and features with a driving range of up to 145 miles for as little as 2p per mile – which is more than that offered by the Honda e. This allows MINI to keep its place as one of the most economical vehicle providers of the century.

By combining the all-electric powertrain with the sporty three-door hatch body style, MINI builds on its infamous ‘go-kart’ handling with increased drive and energy performance. The MINI Electric’s low centre of gravity makes it easier to handle – making it a great vehicle for beginners. Yet the instant acceleration also makes it a favourite among adrenaline junkies looking to reach cruising speeds. Upon lifting your foot off the accelerator pedal, your speed falls quickly as the MINI Electric converts energy back into electricity to be stored in the battery!

There are four different driving modes offered by MINI Electric – including sport, mid, green, and green+. This means you can adjust the throttle response and increase the range as necessary.


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MINI Electric focuses on quality rather than quantity with only two trims available in its range. The differences mainly come in the features, with the higher trim level offering an anthracite headliner and floor mats. Both models retain the sports-car design long associated with MINI as well as LED headlights and rear lights.

Level 1

The MINI Electric Level 1 boasts 16-inch allow wheels, cruise control, and LED headlights. Starting at £26,000, it also offers great Smartphone Connectivity and sat nav capabilities. The MINI Navigation system is afforded an 8.8″ screen which is complimented by a digital cockpit and AC/DC charging.

Level 2

The mid-specification Level 2 trim starts at £28,000 and includes Level 1 features and more. It adds 17-inch alloys, a rear-view pack assist camera, and heated seats. You can also benefit from a Driving Assistant pack for high-beam assistance, traffic sign recognition, and collision avoidance. Other features of the Level 2 trim include rear parking sensors and comfort access.

Level 3

In addition to Level 2 features, the Level 3 trim also offers wireless phone charging and a rear-view park assist camera. It also has both front and rear parking sensors and a panoramic sunroof. The Level 3 trim starts at £31,000 and features timeless designs, such as a full-leather interior, head-up display and Harman/Kardon audio system.

The MINI Electric was launched in 2020 as a battery electric version of the third-generation MINI Hatch. It aims to change how you think about electric cars today, much in the same way the original MINI changed perceptions about small cars back in the 1960s. The MINI Electric retains the size and shape of the regular MINI hatchback and incorporates the look and badges associated with the sporty Cooper S model. This means you can keep the design as normal as possible while benefitting from a 32.6kWh battery that takes around 28 minutes to charge using nation-wide 50kW rapid chargers.

Brief History of the MINI Electric

MINI has remained the default premium small car for over almost 20 years. In 2009/20 BMW introduced a test bed electric MINI called the MINI e, which went on to influence the BMW i3. Happily, it didn’t stay an experimental model for long.

BMW launched the MINI Electric in 2020. It features an all-electric powertrain taken from the BMW i3, which is a very well developed and reliable system, having been in use since 2014. MINI even gave its electric model a facelift in 2021 to ensure it retained the style of the wider hatchback range. It also features changes to the grille and some exterior trim as well as new paint options and alloy-wheel designs.

The Electric MINI is now the best selling MINI on sale, and will be the only MINI powertrain by 2030.

Looking to save money on your next car? This electric vehicle operates with zero fuel costs and allows you to easily monitor your energy usage. The MINI Electric allows you to charge from 0 to 100 in as little as three hours with a 7KW wallbox, due to it’s relatively small battery. You can benefit from 3/4 cheaper savings and lower maintenance. The car also incorporates innovative technology, such as MINI Navigation. This makes it possible to receive live traffic updates and locate nearby charging stations. Receive all the benefits of fun MINI models with heightened capabilities and greater savings with the Mini Electric.

Higher-spec MINI Electrics are likely to come with higher cash prices due to their features and capabilities, yet their depreciation is likely to be less. In this instance, your best option is a PCP arrangement which only requires you to pay for the car’s predicted depreciation over the length of the contract. Consider the age and condition of the vehicle before starting finance negotiations as younger cars are considered more reliable. Yet, given that the MINI Electric was only launched in 2020, age shouldn’t be a problem.

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Optional equipment to consider for your MINI Electric includes a heated steering wheel, sun protection glass and active cruise control. There are also five paint options to choose from as well as stripe designs.

The MINI Electric combines a new powertrain with its proven hatchback architecture. This means it’s able to maintain good reliability due to relying on tried-and-tested model functionality.

it costs £5.31 to charge the MINI Electric fully based on a £0.163 per kWh average. This means that 1 mile costs approximately 4p.

No, all that’s required to access MINI connected is a smartphone. Users simply download the MINI Connected or MINI Connected XL Journey Mate app from the App Store free of charge.

All modern MINI vehicles come with a three-year warranty. MINI covers the electric battery for up to eight years or 100,000 miles, depending on which comes first.

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