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The Mini Hatch (also known as the Mini Cooper, Mini One, or simply just Mini) has been one of Britain’s best selling and most iconic cars of the last 60 years, as popular today as it was when it launched way back in 1959.

They’ve been a mainstay on the UK’s roads ever since, receiving a modern facelift for the 21st century when BMW took over in 2000 while retaining that retro style that makes a Mini a Mini.

And with low running costs and great fuel efficiency to boot, there’s a real the Mini Hatch has enjoyed such great staying power over the decades.

If you’re looking to buy a used Mini Hatch, here’s everything you need to know about this iconic piece of British engineering.

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Buy a Used MINI Hatch on Finance

MINI Hatch

1.5 COOPER 3d 134 BHP

  • 2018
  • Automatic
  • 37,000
  • Petrol


per month


purchase price

MINI Hatch

5-Door Hatch Cooper Seven Edition

  • 2018
  • Manual
  • 16,851
  • Petrol


per month


purchase price

MINI Hatch

1.6 Cooper D London 2012 3dr

  • 2012
  • Manual
  • 56,000
  • Diesel


per month


purchase price

MINI Hatch

1.2 One 3dr

  • 2016
  • Manual
  • 50,293
  • Petrol


per month


purchase price

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Used MINI Hatch For Sale

About the Mini Hatch

While it has existed in different forms as far back as 1959, the modern Mini Hatch that we known today was born in 2000, after BMW’s takeover of Mini, with new generations following in 2006 and 2014.

Available in both three and five-door variants, with a convertible model too, it was the first model launched by BMW under the Mini marque, produced here in the UK, in Oxfordshire, as well as in the Netherlands.

If you’re looking for a classic Mini, the hatch is the way to go. It has the legendary design features that you’d expect, but also drives great too, with a low centre of gravity and go-kart handling and packed with tech features too.

The combination of character, quality and style make the Mini Hatch a great option for a supermini and its picked up numerous awards of the years, including the North American Car of the Year award in 2003.

Why Buy a Used Mini Hatch?

The first thing to mention about the Mini Hatch is its iconic and instantly recognizable look. Drawing inspiration from the original Mini, the Hatch brings that classic retro look into the modern-day and the aesthetics of the car alone are enough to convince many.

The interior features lots of neat touches too, like a retro-style dashboard, Bluetooth connectivity and 6.5-inch infotainment display with DAB digital radio, with added extras such as climate control, sports seats and ambient lighting all available too.

In terms of performance, the Mini Hatch features responsive ‘go-kart’ steering, making for fluid cornering and a stable drive.

The Hatch is available in both petrol and diesel models, with three and four-cylinder engine options for both, offering good acceleration, especially in the sportier Cooper models.

A final plus point for the Mini Hatch is its fuel-efficiency, with some models actually exempt from road tax due to their excellent fuel emissions.

Useful Information About Used MINI Hatch from ChooseMyCar

  • What is the most popular MINI Hatch colour? Black
  • What is the most popular MINI Hatch fuel type? Petrol
  • What's the average MINI Hatch price? £11,318
  • What's the average MINI Hatch mileage? 36,776

Brief History of the Mini Hatch

Here’s a brief history of the Mini Hatch, going right back to its original incarnation in 1959.

  • The original, known as the Mark I Mini was released in 1959 by the British Motor Corporation before the Mini marque was born in 1969.
  • While it initially struggled, the Mini quickly became an icon of the swinging sixties, also seeing success in the Monte Carlo Rally.
  • 1967 saw the launch of the Mark II, followed by the Mark III in 1969, with the Mark V, VI and VII coming in 1984, 1990 and 1996, respectively.
  • In 1999, the Mini was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century, narrowly missing out to the Ford Model T.
  • Mini was bought by BMW in 1994 and they eventually launched the modern Mini Hatch in 2000, with the Mini One, One D, Cooper and Cooper S all following in the next six years.
  • In recent years, the second generation Hatch launched in 2006, with the latest version coming in 2013.

Which Mini Hatch Should I Buy?

There are a few different variations of the Mini Hatch to choose from, so we’re going to run through some of the most popular, as well as some of the features of each.

Both the One and Cooper models are also available in convertible models too if you want to feel the breeze!

What Should I Look for When Financing a Mini Hatch?

As when buying any second-hand car, it’s important that you spend some time carrying out some checks on the vehicle before you commit to buy it. Here are some of the common issues that buyers have with used Mini Hatchs, so you know what to look out for.

Firstly, some of the earlier engines on the Hatch can sometimes fail due to oil starvation due to the turbo being blocked with carbon, or leaks from the oil filter, which can cause some pretty costly damage over time.

There have also been reports of the six-speed gearbox failing, along with the clutch, so make sure that these are in good working order too.

If you give your Mini Hatch a test drive, be sure to listen out for any cracks, squeaks or other unusual noises on the inside of the vehicle, which could be the dashboard, speaker, or hydraulic rappers.

The windscreen of the Mini Hatch is also known to be susceptible to chips and cracks, so be sure to give this a once over too.

Used Mini Hatch Finance

If you are looking to buy a used Mini Hatch in the near future, why not consider paying it for it on finance?

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