Are you doing EVERYTHING you can to save your fuel?

While fuel prices might not (currently) be at an all-time high, the cost of living is higher than ever. And with inflation at a 14-year high, I think we can all agree that every penny counts! So how far are you willing to go to maximise every last drop of fuel?

We’ve all heard the regular tips to be as economical as possible (check out our hypermiling article out if you haven’t), but what about the more off-the-wall ideas?

Here at ChooseMyCar, we’re always willing to go the extra mile to help you save money. So we’ve trawled the internet to bring you the ultimate list of extra ideas. How far are you willing to go?

Park facing the morning sun

This simple fuel-saving hack will save you money, but it will require you to work out which direction the sun rises and secure yourself a warm parking spot.

During those cold winter months, if you’ve parked facing the morning sun, then you’ll have less scraping and running the car to warm it up.

Bowl of water on the passenger seat

What could be more sensible? Keeping an open bowl of water on your passenger seat is a great deterrent for unnecessary acceleration and braking.

It sounds a bit strange but it is a simple and brilliant reminder to drive gently. If you hit the accelerator too hard, you’ll see water pour out the sides.

Likewise, if you’re driving too fast and braking hard you’ll notice water on the seat. The best bowls to use for this, are small cereal bowls with water about an inch from the top.

Reverse park to face front

Not one for those who fear a reverse park maybe, but did you know that by reversing into a parking space (or ensuring you are facing forward when you park) you will save fuel? This is because your car uses less fuel with a warm engine, so reverse parking when you arrive saves fuel, compared to reversing out with a cold engine when you leave.

Use your garage as an actual garage

Ok, we all know that garages nowadays are used as gyms/studies/playrooms/sheds/general dumping grounds – but how about you use it as a place to park your car? Crazy, we know. But by keeping your car warm in a garage, you will keep it at a better temperature for fuel economy. This will reduce your fuel consumption by using less air conditioning to heat or cool your car. You will just need to clear your Sunday to clear out the garage first.

Empty your car out

Many of us are guilty of using our vehicles as spare storage, but excess weight in your car can be a real fuel burner. It’s good practice to empty your car out daily – especially if you have particularly heavy items in there. So make sure you don’t drive to work on Monday morning with your golf clubs still in the boot!

Just don’t do it

It’s simple – if you don’t use your car, you don’t use fuel. Consider biking or walking to your destination. And it’s double the benefit; not only will you save money on fuel, you can probably cancel your gym membership too. As a quick example, if your journey to work is five miles, you would save £416 per year – and boost your steps by 10,000 a day.

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