The Most Affordable Hatchbacks in 2024


As the automotive market continues to evolve, hatchbacks remain a popular choice among UK consumers for their practicality, fuel efficiency, and affordability. With the increasing emphasis on value for money, 2024 brings a new range of budget-friendly hatchbacks that offer excellent features without breaking the bank. Here, we explore some of the most affordable hatchbacks available in the UK in 2024.

1. Dacia Sandero

A stylish Dacia Sandero parked on a scenic road, showcasing its sleek design and practicality.

Dacia has consistently been a brand known for providing exceptional value, and the 2024 Sandero is no exception. Starting at around £12,000, the Sandero is one of the cheapest new cars on the market. Despite its low price, it offers a spacious interior, a decent level of equipment, and a comfortable ride. The latest model comes with a more modern design and improved safety features, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers.

2. Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto, priced from approximately £13,000, is another strong contender in the affordable hatchback segment. This compact car is perfect for urban driving, thanks to its small size and nimble handling. The 2024 model boasts a stylish exterior, a surprisingly roomy cabin, and a user-friendly infotainment system. Additionally, Kia’s industry-leading seven-year warranty adds significant value, providing peace of mind for long-term ownership.

3. Hyundai i10

A Hyundai i10, a compact car with modern design, parked against a city backdrop.

Hyundai’s i10 is another excellent option for those looking for an affordable hatchback. Starting at around £13,500, the i10 offers a blend of practicality and modern features. The 2024 model comes with a refreshed design, improved interior quality, and advanced safety technologies. Its efficient engines and compact dimensions make it ideal for city driving, while the five-year unlimited mileage warranty further enhances its appeal.

4. Toyota Aygo X

Toyota’s Aygo X is a budget-friendly hatchback that starts at roughly £14,000. The Aygo X distinguishes itself with its unique crossover-inspired design, giving it a more rugged appearance than typical city cars. It offers a high driving position, excellent fuel economy, and Toyota’s renowned reliability. The 2024 model also includes a range of modern tech features, such as a touchscreen infotainment system and various driver assistance systems.

5. Suzuki Swift

A Suzuki Swift parked in a vibrant urban setting.

Priced from about £15,000, the Suzuki Swift is known for its sporty handling and distinctive styling. The 2024 Swift continues this tradition, offering a fun-to-drive experience with its responsive steering and agile performance. It also comes equipped with a good level of standard equipment, including a touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, and several safety features. The Swift’s efficient hybrid engine option further enhances its value proposition.

6. Volkswagen Up!

The Volkswagen Up! starts at around £14,500 and is a favourite among city dwellers due to its compact size and efficient use of space. The 2024 model offers a refined interior, solid build quality, and a range of economical engines. Despite its small footprint, the Up! provides a comfortable ride and impressive levels of refinement for its class. The availability of an electric version, the e-Up!, also caters to those looking for an affordable electric hatchback.

7. Fiat Panda

The Fiat Panda, with a starting price of approximately £13,500, remains a practical and quirky choice in the hatchback segment. The 2024 Panda continues to offer a versatile interior with a high seating position and excellent visibility. Its compact dimensions and robust design make it well-suited for urban environments. The Panda’s mild-hybrid technology contributes to its fuel efficiency, making it an economical option for daily commuting.

8. Skoda Fabia

Starting at around £16,000, the Skoda Fabia is slightly higher in price but offers substantial value. The 2024 Fabia features a spacious and well-designed interior, making it a great choice for small families. It also includes a generous amount of standard equipment, such as a touchscreen infotainment system, smartphone connectivity, and several advanced safety features. The Fabia’s efficient engines and practical boot space enhance its appeal for budget-conscious buyers.

9. Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa, with a starting price of about £15,500, is a popular choice in the UK hatchback market. The 2024 Corsa offers a stylish design, a well-appointed interior, and a smooth driving experience. It comes with a range of efficient engines, including a fully electric version, the Corsa-e, which provides a zero-emission alternative without compromising on practicality. The Corsa’s blend of affordability and versatility makes it a compelling option for many buyers.

10. Renault Clio

Renault Clio - A Stylish Compact Car

Priced from around £16,500, the Renault Clio offers a balance of style, technology, and efficiency. The 2024 Clio features a modern design, a high-quality interior, and a host of tech features, including a large touchscreen infotainment system and advanced driver assistance systems. Its efficient engines and comfortable ride make it a suitable choice for both city and motorway driving.


The UK market for affordable hatchbacks in 2024 offers a wide range of options to suit different needs and budgets. From the ultra-affordable Dacia Sandero to the tech-savvy Renault Clio, these hatchbacks provide great value without compromising on essential features. Whether you are looking for a compact city car or a practical family vehicle, there is an affordable hatchback to meet your requirements. As always, it’s important to test drive and compare models to find the one that best suits your lifestyle and preferences.

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