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Once known for its success in world rallying thanks to Colin McRae and Richard Burns, Subaru is still the place for off-roaders of a different kind.

The days of the Impreza WRX hooning around are gone, but Subaru’s focus is firmly on a variety of workhorses, cool SUV or saloons. There is also the excellent BRZ sports car which is in collaboration with Toyota. It’s not a WRX, but it’s a cracker.

A range of six cars offers economical engines, excellent build quality and generous equipment. Reliable, tough and understated, Subaru is a brand that’s often overlooked despite their brilliance.

Most of the Subaru range is aimed at family car buyers. The entry-level Impreza is a higher-end hatchback. It’s changed a lot over the last 20 years and is far more sensible without its performance version.

The Outback and Forester are crossover SUVs that can compete with anything on the market as perfect all-rounders. The excellent BRZ, a re-badged Toyota GT86, is one of the best sports cars for a modest budget.

For families: Impreza, XV, Outback, Forester, Levorg

For one day: BRZ

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