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“Da-chia?” “Day-see-a?” No one really knows how to pronounce Dacia. But when you’re the makers of James May’s favourite car brand, it scarcely matters.

Dacia is a Romanian car company that is now a Renault sub-brand. They are building re-badged versions of the French manufacturer’s previous generation of cars at a knockdown price; it shouldn’t work, but it’s doing exceptionally well and has the awards to prove it.

Dacia doesn’t have the broadest range – just the Sandero and Duster. But this focused approach may explain some of the awards the Duster has picked up and, most importantly, its remarkable value. Offering just one well-sized compact car and one small SUV means Dacia is an increasingly popular choice for two of the most competitive markets. Each model can also be loaded up with optional extras and still end up cheaper than most of its competitors.

Cheap to run with a low purchase price, a used Dacia is an outstanding option for any budget-conscious buyer.

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