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Kia's best-selling model, the Sportage, has had a face-lift but still offers incredible levels of standard equipment for its price.

The trim levels with the Sportage are the 1, 2, Edition 25, 4, GT-Line and GT-Line S. 16-inch alloy wheels, a reversing camera, smartphone mirroring, and a seven-inch touchscreen all feature on the entry-level 1 trim. The 2 adds 17-inch alloys, sat-nav, and heated front seats. The Edition 25 builds on the 2 by offering an eight-inch touchscreen, JBL speaker system, and unique branding.

The mid-range 4 offers 19-inch alloy wheels, electric front seat adjustment, and extensive safety equipment. This includes automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot warning.

The GT-Line introduces a unique body styling package with 19-inch alloys, smart entry system, and leather upholstery. The GT-Line S has everything Kia can offer, including a surround-view camera, and a panoramic roof.

Petrol and diesel-powered engines are available on the Sportage. Petrol engines are limited to a 1.6L which offers solid performance. The diesel engines start with a 1.6L and go up to a 2.0L.

Kia’s long warranties mean that finding a used Kia Sportage for sale isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do, but they are a great option if you can get hold of one, especially if you can transfer the warranty.

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Buy a Used Kia Sportage on Finance

Kia Sportage

2.0 CRDi EcoDynamics+ GT-Line S Auto AWD (s/s) 5dr

  • 2018
  • Automatic
  • 13,572
  • Diesel


per month


purchase price

Kia Sportage


  • 2016
  • Manual
  • 38,000
  • Petrol


per month


purchase price

Kia Sportage

2 CRDi GT-Line

  • 2016
  • Manual
  • 47,671
  • Diesel


per month


purchase price

Kia Sportage

1.7 CRDI 1 5dr 114 BHP Service History Economical

  • 2015
  • Manual
  • 90,000
  • Diesel


per month


purchase price

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Used Kia Sportage For Sale

About Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage sits alongside a number of other competitors in the ‘not quite an SUV but not quite a hatchback’ range of cars. It’s designed to be as spacious as, and great to drive as a hatchback, so perfect for the family, but higher off the ground with an off-road feel, like an SUV.

When it relaunched with the third generation back in 2010 it underwent a major stylistic overhaul, one that made it stand out from the crowd, not just with its competitors but from Kia’s other models too. This quirkier look has stuck with it through into the current fourth generation and has won it many admirers.

The fourth generation has a number of additional tech features in comparison to previous gens though, including 7-inch touch screens, Apple CarPlay and a number of interior and exterior options.

Why buy a used Kia Sportage

So what makes a Kia Sportage such a great car to buy? First up is the warranty. Kia sticks a massive 7-year warranty on their cars and they can transfer to new owners if you’re buying a used Kia Sportage.

Secondly is the unusual look of the Kia Sportage. It’s simply striking to look at, high off the ground with unusual curves it’s certainly distinctive. This look has won it many fans but it’s not necessarily for everyone.

The Kia Sportage is undoubtedly best for people looking for a family car. It’s spacious, although if you put three adults in the back they may struggle for legroom, and there are cup holders and USB ports in the back too. There’s a good amount of boot space, perfect for a big shop.

The standard tech in a Kia Sportage is good too, with aircon, bluetooth connectivity, cruise control and USB ports in even the very basic models.

Useful Information About Used Kia Sportage from ChooseMyCar

  • What is the most popular Kia Sportage colour? White
  • What is the most popular Kia Sportage fuel type? Diesel
  • What's the average Kia Sportage price? £15,966
  • What's the average Kia Sportage mileage? 32,058

Brief History of the Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage may have found itself in 2010, but the model has been around for a lot longer.

  • Kia Sportage first generation (1993–2004): The first generation leant heavily on Mazda engineering as this was during Kia’s relationship with Mazda and Ford. At this stage, the Sportage had a slightly more SUV feel.
  • Kia Sportage second generation (2004–2010): While many complained it wasn’t as good off-road, the car started looking less blocky, moving slightly more towards the sleeker style we know today.
  • Kia Sportage third generation (2010–2015): The 2010 version of the Kia Sportage is where it really started to stand out from its competitors. It’s where it gained the bold look and truly combined its SUV roots with the feel of a hatchback.
  • Kia Sportage fourth generation (2015-present): The current generation of the Kia Sportage took what the third generation made and ran with it. Mainly opting for a facelift and a little extra tech.

Which Kia Sportage Should I buy? 

The Kia Sportage is available in 5 trim levels, the 1, 2, 4, GT-Line and the GT-Line S. There was a ‘3’ level trim, but they stopped making new ones in 2018, keep an eye out if you’re buying used though. Alongside these trim levels, there are a number of engines to choose from.

What should I look for when financing a Kia Sportage? 

Whenever you’re buying a used car there are things you need to look out for. Whether it’s signs of damage, patches of rust or any unusual noises during a test drive. While the Kia Sportage does come with an excellent 7-year warranty that may be transferable, it’s still worth making a few checks. The warranty means any issues should have been fixed, and if they haven’t been you should be able to get them sorted no problem, but it always pays to be cautious when you’re buying a used car.

Used Kia Sportage Finance 

A Kia Sportage is an excellent reliable car that, when coupled with its almost-unbelievable warranty, is an excellent car to buy used. If you’re looking to get hold of a used Sportage Kia, then car finance is a great option. Kia Sportage used car finance will let you spread the costs of buying a car out over a period of time in affordable chunks.

As experts in Kia Sportage used car finance we can help you find the best deal for you. To see what used Kia Sportage you can afford, check out our car finance calculator, and read our car finance guides if you still have any questions.

If you’re ready to apply for used Kia Sportage car finance you can do that through us today and we’ll help you buy a used Sportage from one of our many trusted dealers.

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