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The Fiat 500 is a trendy city car that’s fun to drive, competitively priced and ideal for getting around town in some serious retro style. As there are so many on the roads there are often great deals available on used Fiat 500s for sale through ChooseMyCar.

Available with a choice of three engines - a 1.2L 69bhp or the 0.9-litre Twinair with either 85bhp or 105hp - the 500 comes in four main trim levels: Pop, Lounge, S and Collezione, as well as other special edition spec levels.

Entry-level offerings come fitted with LED headlights, a 5-inch-screen infotainment system, seven airbags, six speakers, and USB connectivity. Meanwhile, the Lounge trim adds cruise control, air conditioning, rear parking sensors, and a leather steering wheel.

The 500S model is a sportier upgrade with added stylistic flair inside and out. The top-spec 500 Collezione is extra luxurious, adding 16-inch copper finish alloys and optional exclusive colour combinations.

Fiat 500s have a fun, funky interior and enough space for several bags of shopping in the rear, ideally suiting individuals or a couple. Running costs are low and the turbocharged 0.9L engine in either power output is a good choice for a balance of economy and performance.

Get your hands on the ever-popular Fiat 500 today, with one of our Fiat 500 deals. Choose My Car can help you get driving one of the nation’s favourite cars.

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Buy a Used Fiat 500 on Finance

Fiat 500

1.2 LOUNGE 3d 69 BHP

  • 2018
  • Manual
  • 19,900
  • Petrol


per month


purchase price

Fiat 500

POP 3-Door

  • 2018
  • Manual
  • 25,000
  • Petrol


per month


purchase price

Fiat 500

1.2 Pop Star 3dr

  • 2016
  • Manual
  • 26,183
  • Petrol


per month


purchase price

Fiat 500


  • 2017
  • Manual
  • 43,400
  • Petrol


per month


purchase price

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Used Fiat 500 For Sale

About Fiat 500

Fiat are an old and very well respected car manufacturer. While they are now part of the Fiat Chrysler group they’ve been making cars since the mid-1900s. Leaning heavily on the nostalgia of the old Fiat 500 model from the mid-1900s, Fiat has managed to successfully create a small but charming and fun to drive city car that’s been popular ever since its release.

On first release, the car actually sold out in a number of countries before the stock was even delivered. While it’s not selling out now, as production is more effectively meeting demand, the car has remained every popular since its release in 2007 and you’ll likely spot one whenever you leave the house.

Why Buy a Used Fiat 500

While the Fiat 500 isn’t the most powerful car on the market, its ease of access, drivability, nostalgic charm and light steering make it an incredibly enjoyable car to drive. The front wheel drive system, that’s now used by nearly all front wheel drive cars on the market, was actually developed by Fiat’s Dante Giacosa, so you know that you’re in good hands.

One of things that makes this such a great city car is its size. It’s so compact that it can squeeze into the tightest of parking spaces with ease, or drive down the narrowest or trickiest roads. While this is one of its selling points, it does mean that the interior isn’t the most roomie. It may not be ideal for adults to sit in the back, but that doesn’t take away from the handiness of a car this size.

Another tick for the Fiat 500 is the options it has for personalisation. In fact, it may even have more options than the other highly customisable cars on the market. Whether you’re after a convertible, a different trim, one of the Colour Therapy versions or simply something different with your interiors, there’s something to make each Fiat 500 unique.

Useful Information About Used Fiat 500 from ChooseMyCar

  • What is the most popular Fiat 500 colour? White
  • What is the most popular Fiat 500 fuel type? Petrol
  • What's the average Fiat 500 price? £9,366
  • What's the average Fiat 500 mileage? 22,199

Brief History of the Fiat 500

The Fiat 500’s history may date back to the 1930s, but it’s actually a relatively modern car, having officially launched in 2007.

The original Fiat 500 (1957-1975) - Launched as the Nuovo 500 in 1957, the then Fiat 500 was a tiny city car, measuring just 2.97metres in length. It was inexpensive and incredibly practical. It was actually considered to be the first purpose-built city car. Over 4 million cars were sold over the 18 year period of its production.

It was a whole 50 years later that the model we now know as the Fiat 500 officially launched. The launch was actually done to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original car.

Fiat 500 (2007-) - Launched to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original Fiat 500, the new Fiat 500 is a single-generation car, although it has received small facelifts and alternative versions since its launch in 2007.

Over the course of its lifespan, there have been numerous ‘special edition’ models released, including the Colour Therapy editions, mirror models, additional tech and partnerships with the likes of Gucci and Diesel.

Which Fiat 500 Should I buy? 

There’s a whole host of different options for the Fiat 500, whether you’re looking simple for a different trim or whether you want a whole other version. In addition to the trim you can also pick from a range of different engines. We’ve broken down what each of the options are below.

There are other special editions, such as the Dolcevita, which is only available in white. Plus they have announced the new Fiat 500e which will be their entry point to electric models on the Fiat 500 range.

In addition to the model and trim, there are choices to be made on the Fiat 500’s engine too. You can pick between the 0.9L TwinAir, 1.2L petrol or the 1.0L mild-hybrid. There’s an electric engine on the way too.

1.2L: This is the cheapest engine available for the Fiat 500, and while others are more powerful they don’t necessarily run any cheaper than this. It’s not the most powerful of engines; you’ll have to plan effectively on motorways for instance as it takes a little while to get up to higher speeds, but it’s perfect for driving around town. It offers about 40mpg.

0.9L TwinAir: This engine offers a lot more zip than the 1.2L petrol engine, making it slightly better for out-of-city motorway driving. It’ll cost a little more upfront but then its miles per gallon is actually fairly similar to the 1.2L engine, coming in at about 40mpg. To see the true effect of the TwinAir dual cylinders you’ll actually have to rev the car when accelerating.

1.0 mild-hybrid: A hybrid between a 1.0L petrol engine with 3 cylinders and a small self-charging electric motor. This is aimed at cutting fuel emissions and its goal is to only generate 88g/km of CO2. It’s a new engine and is promising about 53.3mpg, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Over the years the Fiat 500 has had other engines, including a more powerful version of the TwinAir and a diesel. While they aren’t available to buy you may find one in a used Fiat 500. The diesel in particular is a very cost-effective car to buy.

What should I look for when financing a Fiat 500? 

Buying a used car on finance can involve very similar things, no matter what car you’re after. The popularity of the Fiat 500 however actually makes it a great car to buy used. Not only are there so many of them on the market, but you often have the chance of getting a lot of Fiat 500 for your money.

While a Fiat 500 Pop won’t necessarily offer the best value, there’s a good chance of picking up a Star of Lounge trim Fiat 500 used at a very affordable rate, so keep your eye out for these in particular.

As with any car, there are things to watch out for when buying a used car. Check for signs of rust or other forms of wear & tear. Make sure you take it for a test drive and listen out for any problems with the engine or exhaust.

In terms of what to watch out for on a used Fiat 500, there were historic problems with axles and suspension as well as the electrical system, cooling and heating, plus the gearbox. So it’s worth checking each of these before confirming you’re buying the car.

Over the years there have also been several recalls on the Fiat 500. These were down to possible failures of the right driveshaft, the electric power steering and other things, so it’s worth doing some research before buying a used Fiat 500, to make sure the car you’re getting is in good condition.

Used Fiat 500 Finance 

The Fiat 500 is a great car to buy used, and doing it on finance can make it incredibly affordable. With the number of Fiat 500 cars on the road, there’s often a number of used ones up for sale.

Buying a car on finance can make this even more affordable, with costs kept to a low monthly amount. At ChooseMyCar we are experts in car finance, and our team is here to help you find the best possible deal, based on your situation.

You can apply for car finance for a Fiat 500 with us today, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you get the best deal for you. If you want to check what you can afford then try out our car finance calculator, and if you want to know more about car finance, we have guides on everything you’ll need to know.

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