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Our Customer Care Pack Offers
The Highest Level Of Car Buying Transparency

With the ChooseMyCar Customer Care Pack, we prioritise your peace of mind. Every vehicle has a safety recall check, MOT history report, and valuation verification.

Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive finance market overview, ensure there's no stolen marker or security check watch, and inspect for any insurance write-offs or plate transfers.

All of our checks align with SMMT standards, guaranteeing transparency and confidence in every purchase, making your car buying experience both clear and trustworthy.


All of our checks align with SMMT standards, guaranteeing transparency and confidence in every purchase, making your car buying experience both clear and trustworthy.

  • Safety Recall Check
  • MOT Check
  • Valuation Check
  • Finance Market Check
  • Stolen Marker
  • Security Check Watch
  • Insurance Write-Off
  • Plate Transfer
  • SMMT

Transparency and Confidence In Every Purchase

We verify car valuations to ensure accuracy and trustworthiness for our customers.

We assess car specifications to guarantee precision and clarity for our users.

We evaluate running costs to provide you with the most accurate financial insights.

Every vehicle undergoes a comprehensive HPI check to ensure its history is transparent and trustworthy.

Customer Care Gold Package Customer Care Gap Platinum Customer Care Warranty Platinum Customer Care Warranty GAP Diamond
Has outstanding finance
Finance agreement details
Mileage discrepancies
MOT history
Common MOT failures
If its stolen
An insurance write-off
Number of previous owners
Vehicle tax info
Stolen logbook check
Market valuation
Past/future values
Total cost of ownership
Plate change history
Estimated fuel cost
Mechanical parts - -
Electrical parts - -
Engine - -
Gearbox - -
Clutch - -
Unlimited repairs - -
Car hire - -
Recovery - -
Labour rates - -
Hotel & travel - -
No contribution - -
Depreciation protection - -
Financial security - -
Financial affordability - -
Downpayment trade-in - -
Protection - -
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Customer Care Warranty Platinum

Having the UK best used car warranty provides you with a shield against unforeseen repair costs, ensuring that you aren't caught off guard by sudden mechanical or electrical failures.

With a comprehensive plan from Warrantywise, our customers can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that if an unexpected breakdown occurs, they're covered.

Find out more about the UK best used car warranty.

This not only translates to potential savings on hefty repair bills but also offers the convenience of reliable assistance when needed. Having Warrantywise means that vehicle ownership becomes less stressful, and you can focus more on the road ahead rather than potential problems under the hood.


Customer Care
GAP Platinum

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance offers critical financial protection to vehicle owners, especially in the initial stages of ownership when the vehicle's depreciation rate outpaces the rate of loan repayment. In the unfortunate event of theft or a total loss accident, standard auto insurance policies only cover the current market value of the vehicle, which might be less than the outstanding loan or lease amount.

See more about GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)
GAP insurance bridges this discrepancy, ensuring that vehicle owners aren't left with burdensome debt for a car they no longer possess.

This safety net provides peace of mind, safeguarding consumers from unexpected financial strain during already challenging times.

GAP Insurance