Car Sex: How To Get Rid of The Evidence

With that said, we’re sure you’d still like to avoid any awkward conversations or uncomfortable atmospheres caused by the lingering evidence of a sexual encounter still remaining within your car. But do you know how to destroy the evidence? If not, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Read on below to learn how you can remove any evidence that any funny business ever took place in your car and how you can protect your car from any stains or damage should you ever take a wrong turn!

Why are people doing it in their cars?

As with any intimate topic, a lot of the reasoning behind it is preference and experimenting – this is particularly true in the case of car sex, where it’s actually probably a little more difficult than doing it somewhere more conventional. So, what is it that’s got people using their car as the go-to location for intimate relations? Well, that’s probably got something to do with exhibitionism. Essentially, exhibitionism is when a person enjoys the thrill of being on display or the idea that they may be caught in the act. As most of us already know, it’s pretty easy to see what going on in a car just by looking through the windows; just think how many times you’ve pulled up at the lights only to see a big muscly dude belting out his favourite Taylor Swift lyrics! By extension of that, you can only imagine how easy it is to spot someone doing much more than signing through the windows too…

Make the right precautions

If you’re going to be having sex in a car, you’ll want to make sure you’ve made the right precautions, as that’ll help you to make sure you’re keeping safe whilst ensuring that your car stays in great condition. Whether it’s covering the seats, keeping cleaning supplies in the boot, or just taking things slowly, you can make sure that you aren’t going to cause any excessive damage to both the car and your body.

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you’ve got enough space to manoeuvre as this is vital for any kind of movement within a car, where space really is tight. The right car for sexual encounters will have ample cabin space, seats that can recline all the way back, and a gearstick/handbrake that aren’t n awkward positions, as this could cause a bit of an issue when it comes down to it. One extra precaution is window tits – tinted windows make things a little more private in the back seats as they reduce the visibility through the glass, so if you’re looking for some secrecy, get those windows tinted! Last but not least, keep a blanket on hand, as you never know how cold those leather seats can get on bare skin.

Lingering sex smell? Here’s what you need to do

One of the major giveaways that something more than just driving has been happening in your car is the smell, which can be hard to avoid if you don’t know the steps to take. If that smell lingers, your next passengers are sure to know what you’ve been up to, so avoid that awkwardness by taking note of the following steps:

    1. Blankets: yeah, that’s right – blankets aren’t just for warmth, they can actually help you to prevent your car from smelling like sex! By laying a blanket down on the seats beforehand, you can be sure that some of the smell (and fluids) can be caught before they hit the seats – this will save you from having to wash your entire interior lining, which is no easy feat.
    2. Open those windows: whether they’re tinted or not, make sure you’ve cracked the window open a little when things are getting hot and heavy. Opening the window will not only help to minimise the smell in the car, but it’ll help regulate the temperature and minimise the condensation on the windows, which is another huge giveaway as to what’s been going on.
    3. Clean up: it’s not the most romantic of chores, but it’s a necessary evil if you want your car to retain its fresh, untainted smell. After you’re finished, be sure to clean your car before anything becomes embedded into the fabric (this goes for smells and everything else) – you can do this by using a combination of soap and water, fabric freshener, or even baking soda on any tough stains that may have made their way onto the seats.

Keeping yourself safe

Above all else, the main thing is that you keep yourself safe during any intimate activity in your car – we’ve already covered how to be physically cautious within your car, but have you considered how the law could intervene with your plans? In the UK, there are no specific laws that ban the act of car sex directly, but you could find that you are breaking a few laws just by engaging in the act. One of the major points to make note of is that drivers could be his with a £100 fine and up to three points on their driving licence if they’re caught performing “sex acts” in a vehicle, as it’s considered an act that could cause distraction on the road. There are also rules that prohibit these acts from a public decency or exposure standpoint, particularly if the car is parked close to popular public spaces such as parks. With this being said, there are no rules that prohibit you from engaging in sexual acts in your vehicle so long as you’re parked away from public spots, so if you are planning on a bit of car sex in the near future, make sure you’re picking the perfect location!

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