Nine out of ten Brit drivers think local councils need to pull their fingers out when it comes to the state of our roads

Hands up if you’ve done a tyre on a pothole this season? Loads of us, right? Well, you’re not alone, and it seems that you’re all getting a bit fed up of the state of our British roads.

Our recent study asked drivers what they thought about our roads – and it’s fair to say the results were pretty damning. More than nine out of ten of you (93% to be accurate) stated that you think local councils need to dramatically increase their budgets when it comes to roads. And even more complained about those dreaded potholes – with 94 percent stating that they were a problem on their local roads (don’t know where the other six percent are driving!).

The call for more financial investment from councils was consistent across male and female groups, and varied slightly across age groups, with 88 percent of 18-34 year olds, 93 percent of 35-55 year olds, and a whopping 96 percent of over 55s suggesting there should be significantly more budget for British roads.

Some areas fared better than others. Of the cities named in the study, Brighton and Sheffield were the most heavily criticised, with a staggering 97 percent of drivers in those cities saying that the council needed to take action.

This was followed by:

  • Liverpool, with 96% of drivers asking for action by councils
  • Southampton, also with 96%
  • Glasgow and Edinburgh with 95%
  • Belfast, Cardiff, Leeds, Norwich, Plymouth, and London, with 94%
  • Manchester, Nottingham, and Newcastle, with 89%
  • Birmingham, with 88%
  • Bristol, with 87%

Our founder, Nick Zapolski, said that the study shows how fed up UK drivers are with the state of British roads.

“I barely know anyone that hasn’t had damage to their car this winter due to potholes and the general state of our roads.

“These stats prove that drivers have had enough, and it’s time for councils to take action to improve our roads. Significant investment is needed to fix problems quickly, and properly, rather than the temporary measures we seem to get lumbered with.”

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