What if Tech Companies Designed Electric Cars?

But now the race is on… Traditional car manufacturers need to deliver an affordable electric car that’s better for the environment but can still compete in terms of performance.

But what if it wasn’t just the companies known for vehicle manufacturing that got a slice of the action? What if the tech giants were up for the challenge as well? And just what would their cars look like?

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Our team have chosen five of the worlds biggest tech companies that we believe could revolutionise the future of the car industry and imagined what features and inventions could be included. Could one of these be the car of tomorrow?

Amazon – The Amabot

Amazon has been coming up with new and exciting ways to expand their business with each passing year. From testing a drone delivery service to stepping into the streaming game with Amazon Prime. But what if they took to the roads?

We like to think they would use their cars to help their growing demand for fast delivery service and help take the pressure off their delivery drivers.

The Amabot would be a smart autonomous miniature vehicle with a mission to get your delivery to you fast and safe wherever you are. When your package is out for delivery simply turn on your phone’s GPS and the Amabot will seek you out and greet you with a friendly smile. Perfect for the modern-day busy lifestyle.

Apple – The iDrive

With roughly 728 million iPhones in use worldwide it’s hard to deny Apple’s popularity in the tech world as they continue to develop and introduce new devices and products such as the Apple Watch and iPad. But what if they thought bigger and more…car-shaped?

If Apple were to venture into the car business, it would be safe to say that their iconic, smooth and modern designs would be carried over onto four wheels, making it instantly recognisable. The iDrive could also be released in a variety of colours and models just like the iPhone – with a premium price for the option of Rose Gold, and of course, built-in Apple Music technology.

UberEats – UberBeeps

Imagine having zero judgements from the delivery driver when you receive your family-sized food order? (No judgement here!). No poker face is required at the door with the help of the UberBeeps.

If UberEats made a delivery car, we believe they would have our backs and bestow a vehicle that casts no judgement; and even better – it would keep your food heated (or cooled) for you in its storage compartment, which can only be accessed with a unique PIN you receive when placing your order.

So even if you don’t see the bright green bag-shaped vehicle outside your window straight away, you’ll never have to worry about your food being nabbed by some hangry bandits.

Facebook- The FaceBus

We all know Facebook’s goal is to bring people closer together and to keep people connected. But sometimes connecting through a smartphone screen just doesn’t cut it.

If Facebook was on the road, we think they would go big! Because why only invite a few friends when you could invite them all and go on a road trip of a lifetime together? We think Facebook would give the classic camper van a fresh new update with all the modern fixtures we now rely on.

Once parked in a scenic spot, the Facebus can expand in a variety of ways so that you and your friends can hang out in comfort.

Google – The GoogleGO

Google is much more than just a search engine nowadays. With exciting ventures into machine learning, AI and mapping the entire world, creating a car would be a piece of cake for them.

Google would use its car-creation as a perfect excuse to pack it full of all the exciting technologies they’ve developed over the years, such as Google Glass. This technology in the windshield could display maps and information for the driver. By incorporating Google home technology, intuitive updates can be provided about your journey and help your travels run smoothly.

Being a forward-thinking company, we believe that Google would also invest time into making sure their car was environmentally-conscious by making it electric or even carbon neutral.

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