The Cheapest & Most Expensive Countries to Hire a Car

Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica, features the cheapest car hire with one week costing just £31.

THE MOST EXPENSIVE COUNTRY TO HIRE A CAR: At the other end of the scale, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, costs a whopping £905.38, however, there are no cars available that fall into the small to mid-size range, so this cost is for a Ford Everest.

The United Kingdom falls around the middle of the table in position 40 with a week of car hire costing around £233.69 from Heathrow Airport.

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Using Wikipedia to give us our original list of countries, we searched for data for the capitals and listed those countries where data was available.

We used the car hire company, Avis, to search for car hire prices from airports in capital cities around the world. When data was not available from Avis, we also used Sixt and Hertz. The costs were taken from the closest available airport to each city.

We searched for mid-size cars to hire from 9th March 2020 – 16th March 2020 for a driver aged 30 or over. When using Avis, we used the group C classification where possible, and with other sites used the closest equivalent. We then took the price of a week’s hire if we were to pay at collection.

Any figures given in alternative currencies were then converted into GBP. We used the current currency rates of 1 GBP = 1.18809 EUR and 1 GBP = 1.31764 USD for the Euro and Dollar columns.

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