British drivers have a need for speed

We released data in September 2021 showing that only five per cent of women – and four per cent of men – stick to the legal limit while driving. And it seems that the racers among us should know better, with the 35-54 age bracket being the worst offenders, with a staggering 97 per cent admitting to speeding.

It’s not just by a small margin either, with 30 per cent of drivers admitting to reaching between 90 and 100 mph, nearly 10 per cent going over 100 mph, and seven per cent of men going over 120 mph on our roads. That’s a staggering 1.2 million drivers!

Interestingly, the results for men and women are largely equal until the 100 mph mark, with only 11 per cent of women admitting to driving above that speed, compared to 22 per cent of men.

Biggest Speeders

The stats also show which are the speediest regions and cities, showing:

    • Yorkshire and Humberside is the fastest county, with 98% of drivers admitting to breaking the speeding limit, while West Midlands is the slowest, with only 94%.
    • Wales is the speediest country with 98% speeding, while Northern Ireland only has 91% speeding.
    • Southampton, Newcastle, Leeds and Bristol are the speediest cities, with 99% going over 70mph.
    • Brighton has the highest incidence of excessive speeds, with a whopping 11% admitting to driving over 120mph.
    • Newcastle scores highest again with 22% of drivers admitting going over 100mph
    • Drivers in Scotland are the lowest region for driving over 100mph, with 11% of drivers admitting driving over this speed


Choose My Car founder, Nick Zapolski, said: “With 32.7 million license holders on our roads, it’s quite amazing to see how many people admit to speeding. It’s fascinating to see that 11 per cent of Brighton drivers drive over 120 mph – there must be some nice supercars around there!

“Our research also showed that more than 50 per cent of drivers supported a rise in motorway speed limits – with more than a fifth suggesting it should be 100mph! We are clearly a nation of speeders, but if you’re going to speed please make sure you have a safe, reliable car for that!”

Data Summary by Region over 100mph

Research-based on 2,000 respondents surveyed across the UK, aged from 18 onwards. All geographical locations were included with an equal split male to female. This is the regional data.

Drivers over 100mph by Location
Newcastle 22%
Southampton 20%
Bristol 19%
London 18%
Nottingham 18%
Manchester 17%
Liverpool 17%
Leeds 16%
Birmingham 15%
Cardiff 15%
Norwich 13%
Plymouth 12%
Edinburgh 11%


Data Summary by Age

This is the data split by age groups.

Drivers over 100mph by Age
18 – 34 years old 17%
35 – 55 years old 18%
over 55 years old 15%


Data Summary by Gender

This is the data split by gender.

Drivers data by Gender
Female over 80mph 39%
Male over 80mph 56%
Female over 100mph 10%
Male over 100 mph 23%


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