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Fun. Sporty. Lively. That's the image Mazda has worked hard to earn over the past few decades.

Even their "runabout models" like the 2 and 3 have a sleek, sporty look, and make for an enjoyable drive. The family-friendly CX-3 and CX-5 SUVs also somehow balance practicality, style, spaciousness, and driver experience.

Mazda don't offer as much choice in engine type as their competitors - they've focused on developing low-emission petrol engines, rather than exploring diesel, electric, or hybrid models.

In terms of value, though, a used Mazda is hard to beat. As decent runners with a solid build, Mazdas tend to be cheap to maintain and service. And because Mazdas are priced lower than comparable models from competitors, even their MX-5 sports cars can be picked up for a relative bargain.

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Useful Information About Used Mazda Cars From ChooseMyCar

  • What is the most popular Mazda model? 3
  • What is the most popular Mazda colour? Red
  • What is the most popular Mazda fuel type? Petrol
  • What's the average Mazda price? £11,229
  • What's the average Mazda mileage? 35,161
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