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SUVs - or sports utility vehicles - are made for a combination of everyday driving and off-roading. They often have powerful engines and rugged, stylish appearances.

While some are four-wheel drive, SUVs are often made with front-wheel drive bias and optional four-wheel drive functionality - particularly helpful in winter. This is to improve fuel efficiency as four-wheel drive cars are less economical than many other car types.

SUVs generally have large boot capacity and are spacious for drivers and passengers. Because of this, they are becoming increasingly popular as a family car. Although they can be pretty costly, SUVs are practical, comfortable, and offer a great driving experience. However, if your car is used mostly for running quick errands, driving to work, or taking the kids to school, a small-medium sized saloon might be a more cost-effective choice.

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Used Suvs Cars For Sale On Finance

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Nissan Qashqai

N-TEC+ 1.5 DCi Diesel From £6,995 + Retail Package

  • 2012
  • Manual
  • 60,000
  • Diesel


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Infiniti FX

FX30 3.0 V6 Diesel Automatic From £14,195 + Retail Package

  • 2013
  • Automatic
  • 52,000
  • Diesel


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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque


  • 2016
  • Automatic
  • 30,618
  • Diesel


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Renault Captur


  • 2018
  • Manual
  • 10,127
  • Petrol


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