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At ChooseMyCar, we work closely with a variety of finance firms to find you the very best finance deal on your new vehicle. Every site like ours will say the same,… but do they tell you who these firms are?

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Logo for Oodle Car Finance

Oodle Car Finance

This Oxford-based car finance specialist is all about simplicity and flexibility, offering finance options that are easy to understand and quick to secure. With the ability to borrow up to £50,000, they’re a great all-round choice for car finance.

Logo for Advantage Finance Ltd.

Advantage Finance Ltd.

Getting from A to B isn’t just about cars and if you’re looking at finance for a van, caravan, motorhome or a motorbike, Advance have you covered. With a 5* Feefo trust rating and a flexible approach to Hire Purchase up to £15,000, Advantage are one of the UKs most dependable vehicle finance firms.

Logo for MoneyBarn Vehicle Finance

MoneyBarn Vehicle Finance

Everyone has an occasional bad year and if you find yourself with a fragile Credit Score, MoneyBarn are the people to talk to. They’re specialists at working with people with poor credit histories, loaning up to £25,000 in car finance with no late fees. Bad Credit? MoneyBarn are there to help.


MotoNovo Finance, renowned in the UK for its innovative and customer-centric approach, provides an array of financing options for car, van, and motorcycle purchases, catering to a diverse clientele with tailored loan terms and competitive interest rates, thereby simplifying the vehicle buying experience.

Logo for AutoMoney Motor Finance

AutoMoney Motor Finance

Another specialist lender, AutoMoney Motor Finance does precisely what you’d expect from the name. Working with dealerships and directly with borrowers, this dedicated team works hard to offer low interest rates for vehicles up to £25,000, even if you’ve a poor credit history.

Logo for Specialist Motor Finance

Specialist Motor Finance

Winner of Feefo’s Trusted Service Award, Specialist Motor Finance offers,… well you can guess. Another team who work mainly with dealerships, what this team doesn’t know about Car Finance isn’t worth knowing. If you need a car costing up to £25,000, this trusted team can help.

Logo for Blue Motor Finance

Blue Motor Finance

One of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, Blue Motor Finances is all about high-tech solutions to financing cars. Flexible and fleet-footed, they use a data-driven approach to deliver great finance solutions to dealerships and borrowers. Their agility in pivoting according to the finance markets and customer trends mean they are often ahead of the game, and they can lend up to £60,000.

Logo for MoneyWay Car Finance

MoneyWay Car Finance

A lender who works directly with dealerships and brokers, MoneyWay is a trusted car finance specialist. Happy to accept retired borrowers and customers who receive benefits, this established team offers quick decisions, with loans of up to £20,000 agreed and paid out in less than an hour.

Autolend, a UK financial service, offers car finance through brokers, with loans up to £25,000. They focus on customer service and use an online portal for loan management. The application process involves broker collaboration and a review of finance quotes. Details about specific finance options are not clearly provided on their website.

Billing Finance

Billing Finance is a family-owned company that specializes in vehicle finance, including cars, motorbikes, and motorhomes, and caters to individuals across the UK, even those with non-standard credit profiles. They prioritize a personal approach, offering support and financial solutions tailored to the individual needs of their customers.

Close Brothers

Close Brothers Group plc offers competitive car finance solutions through their motor finance services, providing a variety of options to individuals and dealerships across the UK. They focus on tailored financing for vehicle purchases with a commitment to personalised customer service​.

Go Car Credit

Go Car Credit, established in 2017, offers car finance solutions, specializing in assisting those with impaired credit profiles. They focus on ethical and responsible lending, with an approach that allows for personal assessment of individual circumstances, such as poor credit history or self-employment.


Paragon Bank offers a range of motor finance solutions for intermediaries, specializing in competitive and flexible financing for new and used cars. Their products are designed to cater to a variety of customers, including those looking to finance cars, light commercial vehicles, motorhomes, and caravans through a network of UK dealers and brokers​.


Tandem Bank offers Greener Motor Finance to help customers transition to newer and greener used cars. They provide Hire Purchase finance through a network of approved dealers and brokers, with fixed monthly repayments, catering to a broad lending criteria and aiming to support the UK’s mission towards net zero emissions.

V12 Vehicle Finance

V12 Vehicle Finance, powered by Secure Trust Bank, provides a comprehensive suite of finance products tailored for car dealerships, enabling them to offer competitive financing options to their customers for vehicle purchases. They emphasize a technology-led approach to facilitate efficient and effective business operations for dealers, with the aim of enhancing the car buying and financing experience for their customers​.

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